going to a camp for the summer so ill be very inactive
  • just to clear somethings up

    i hope you like it here just want you to know that discrimination is not allowed and you could get band and will be reported
    hope you like the compony and all it has to offer also swearing is not allowed but anyways please go by the rules as you browse though my
    account also there is no pride on this account so please leave or keep it to your self, Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.
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    and so many more people 
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    @trotelot ShadowOnTheLoose MoonAstraea i dont know if she considers me one mcrjellyfish also dont know if he considers me one chickenpants93 again dont know if hhe considers me a friend i am just going to put f if i dont know Rabbitaf

    i like cake and food and god
    • i like minecraft and new ideas
    • i like hanging out with friends
    • i like drawing (not so good at it)
    • i like polite conversation
    • likes math
    • i like pmc
    • i like making people happy and being helpfull
    • likes god
    • i love god
    • gender people call me their but i am their but its their/he
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      get ricked roll

      i am praying to help moonastraea, join me

    • skin request open
    • pfp request closed
    • colab open
    misc to be helpfull and maybe make a few friends on my way i love lofi music and theses songs
    i thank god, truth be told, and anysongs from odd 1sout

    no dm's i will be putting this on all things i do
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    neon chilling
    ultron uploaded
    feeling a little sick
    3000 views I women in battle suit
    warden before it was coursed
    shady skinners test skin I base by europe
    infected man in business for I infections & mutations
    typical day in minecraft
    sspbl week 2 I with full custom colors palette
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