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    Hey y'all, I'm CornCultistMike; formerly any of Starship187, Starship18788, or CCML04.
    if y'all don't know me I'm an amateur-ish Minecraft skin & map maker who does art & renders as my main thing. I take an interest in things such as FNaF, Dead Space, Doctor Who, and Star Trek among many other shows and games. I love doing highly detailed skins with realism somewhat in mind, my style also wants to change constantly so I often take long breaks from skins to keep it in check.
    That being said, hope y'all enjoy what I have to offer and hopefully y'all have a good day!

    Guidelines for content I post:
    • DO NOT Re-upload my skins, maps, or resourcepacks in any capacity (Edited, bundled, or standalone as an archive or "Save") unless explicitly told otherwise by myself or a major collaborator on the project in question with provided screenshot proof.
        * In the event content of mine is re-uploaded with my explicitly acquired consent credit to me and any collaborators is still mandatory regardless of if said collaborators are still present. Exceptions are only made when explicitly stated to be made by myself.
    • The content found on this or affiliated pages such as NameMC, Reddit, Deviantart, Twitter, Instagram, or The Skindex is not to be reposted anywhere I do not have a verifiable presence for any reasons, it will most likely be taken down if and when found.
    Other stuff:
    • I curse a lot, so if you don't like that, my apologies but you'd be best off ignoring my descriptions if you can't handle a bit of cursing.
    • I will act how I deem fit, if you don't like how I've treated you feel free to DM me at any time and I can explain or apologize if I deem what I've said as legitimately offensive, needlessly rude, or rule breaking.
    • I tend to take long breaks for the sake of my own mental wellbeing, expect gaps and canceled projects. I try, but sometimes I simply don't have the time or energy to dedicate to certain things.
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      November 16, 2022, 9:37 pm to Public
      10AM Tomorrow the skin will be live- hopefully. Never done a scheduled release before so bare with me here just in case, 10AM it should come out automatically though.
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    Check out these fuckin' outstanding mates for more unquestionably A-tier content:


    Most mood-fitting song off my playlist currently:

    That's all, go away now.

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