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    Hey y'all! I'm CornCultistMike, or just Mike / Corn, whichever y'all like really. I'm just your slightly above-average Five Nights at Freddys weirdo who makes overly complex and needlessly meticulous skins of both FNaF and non-FNaF relations. More commonly than not I can be found doing really whatever floats my boat as I don't really have the motivation to do much else-
    B u t that aside, I also draw and make SFM (Source FilmMaker) renders, most of which are posted to my Reddit & Deviantart accounts, though I primarily use Reddit.
     That being said, I hope y'all enjoy my profile and my content, FNaF or not, hope y'all have a great day!

    Content guidelines:
    • Do NOT reupload my skins, resourcepacks, or maps unless directly told otherwise with provided proof by myself.
    • Content found on this page or affiliated pages (NameMC, Reddit, Deviantart, Skindex etc) should not be claimed or used as a basis for the content created by others, again unless given direct permission with provided proof from myself.
    General page guidelines: (And tips!)
    • Under no circumstances would it be preferable for any individual to explicitly comment with skin requests not directly related to the post being commented on.
    • Should you have a request, please feel free to DM it to me any time! My dms are always open for both requests, advice, or casual conversation as long as you go about it respectfully.
    • I will not hesitate to switch my deminor on you should I see it appropriate, I prefer to be friendly at all times, however should you begin to become hostile or defensive I will take liberties.
    • I curse very frequently, if you are not a fan or can't handle cursing, don't contact me expecting sympathy.
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      October 23, 2021, 5:45 am to Public
      Gonna finish Springtrap and cringe defunct Fredbear before I release Sammy & the other remakes publically, I'm thinking just a three-stage Springtrap honestly but my brain also wants to go with a full progression, for example:
      • Aged Springbonnie (Just Springbonnie, but more raggedy and maybe a few nicked parts)
      • Decommissioned Springbonnie (Likely post-MCI Springbonnie with a bit more staining and some other smaller things.)
      • Withered Springbonnie (Discolored suit, holes beginning to form)
      • Pre-Springtrapped Springbonnie (Basically Springtrap but not as bad)
      • Springtrap
      • Maybe (?) FNaF: AR. Scorching Springtrap
      • Ending with Dark Springtrap.
      But also that is a lot of skins for an update release, so that'd need its own separate release, likely the same for Fredbear to keep consistently.
      Really just depends on what you guys want, if anything, I really just want an excuse to wear a not-shit Springtrap skin (My last one was just awful looking)
      An Angsty Teen said 2021-10-23 10:07:42
      Oh my god Scorching Springtrap? Yes yes Y E S

      Take your time dude, and you're gonna do some REALLY good stuff.

      You are not being taken hostage to make the Scorching Springtrap skin, you are not being taken hostage to make the Scorching Springtrap skin, you are not being taken hostage to make the Scorching Springtrap skin.
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