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    somewhere sweeter

    Hi I'm Crescendo and I make used to make Minecraft skins!

    my commissions are still open for all but as of now I am not that interested in uploading skins

    I am currently a member of Pixel²
    So you can also find content from me on the Minecraft Marketplace!

    As for Allegro I will be working on that slowly probably :-) don't steal my texture pack.



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    Test by Nya-nah

    Giorno Giovanna by Nya-nah

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    • Crescendo
      May 16, 2020, 5:33 pm to Public
      not minecraft related at all sorry but I edited this sims screenshot in photoshop and I'm having fun so whatever I guess :> hope everyone is doin oki x ❤✌

      Eftann Senpai said 2020-05-17 00:04:36
      EXCUUUUSE ME! but when are you going to update allegro?
      VoidPanda replied to Crescendo's comment below 2020-05-16 22:53:29
      Oh wow! That's so cool .O.
      Crescendo replied to VoidPanda's comment below 2020-05-16 19:39:09
      ty ❤❤❤! I drew on the image a little, like outline and hair strands/flyaways ! this was the original screenshot!
      VoidPanda said 2020-05-16 18:57:47
      Oh wow, that's looks drawn :O
    • Crescendo shared Irish's post
      March 13, 2020, 1:57 pm with Public
      March 13, 2020, 1:54 pm to Public
      Finally trying to beat Minecraft despite playing it for 8 years tm
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    • Crescendo
      February 17, 2020, 12:08 pm to Public
      sorry that the requests are taking me awhile, I'm having to deal with some personal issues lately (they're on their way tho I promise x)
    • Crescendo
      February 7, 2020, 8:51 am to Public
      I haven't made a skin in years, so... requests? I shall accept up to 3 (not first come first serve, send me a pm of what u want and if I feel like making it I will pick it) also no anime characters because I know y'all are feral and will ask for one piece characters 😞✌...!




      Crescendo replied to ThatGuyJake's comment below 2020-02-12 03:22:32
      ThatGuyJake said 2020-02-11 17:00:42
      Somali from somali and the forest spirit
      RMadril93 said 2020-02-08 10:08:45
      Rikishi, Mighty Molly and Breat Heart
      verid said 2020-02-07 22:27:45
      How about, possibly, maybe, hypothetically, theoretically, Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho? She's the biggest sweet heart from an older anime from the 80's, created by the same guy who made Hunter x Hunter! :D
      angel- said 2020-02-07 16:12:10
      make seth from radiant
    • Crescendo
      January 28, 2020, 11:11 am to Public
      boop hi im not dead i promise to make an anime skin soon ❤ here's an edit tho

      Crescendo replied to boleyn's comment below 2020-01-28 16:04:46
      it did :') ur dam rite
      boleyn said 2020-01-28 14:43:06
      the sims got her
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    • Vritiger posted to guest book of Crescendo
      April 1, 2020, 1:55 am to Public
      ah your art is really cool, especially your jojo drawing!
      Crescendo said 2020-04-01 06:19:23
      thank u so much!!! that's very kind :> !!!!
    • niceboat posted to guest book of Crescendo
      January 23, 2020, 1:35 am to Public
      Crescendo replied to Whiteout-'s comment below 2020-03-04 07:14:06
      omg dude tysm 😱❤!!! I haven't drawn anything in like a year tho so Idk if I have time but tyyy for the kind words!!!
      Whiteout- replied to Crescendo's comment below 2020-03-03 12:06:15
      Crescendo, your art is so beautiful!!!

      I'm doing an art contest if you want to join <3
      Crescendo said 2020-01-23 06:11:22
      aaa thank you, im glad you like it!!! (the rare occasion that I make any :'D !!!!)
    • aneckdope posted to guest book of Crescendo
      August 1, 2019, 4:20 pm to Public
      Crescendo said 2019-08-02 03:35:13
    • Pepijn posted to guest book of Crescendo
      March 22, 2019, 3:25 am to Public
      Milk in tea is a sin. You can't handle the greatness of tea without diluting it.
      Crescendo said 2019-03-22 09:21:09
      As an Englishman I can't just let this slide, you dishonor me.
    • Ludicrous posted to guest book of Crescendo
      March 17, 2019, 10:04 pm to Public
      Pasta (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpasta]) is a type of noodle, or any of the dishes made with it, in Italian cuisine. It is typically made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs, and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking. Some pastas are made using rice flour or legumes like black beans or lentils in place of wheat flour to yield a different taste and texture, or for those who need to avoid products containing gluten.[1][2]

      Pasta is a staple[3] of Italian cuisine, and was first mentioned in 1154 in Sicily.[4] Pastas are divided into two broad categories: dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca). Most dried pasta is produced commercially via an extrusionprocess, although it can be produced at home. Fresh pasta is traditionally produced by hand, sometimes with the aid of simple machines.[5] Fresh pastas available in grocery stores are produced commercially by large-scale machines.

      Both dried and fresh pastas come in a number of shapes and varieties, with 310 specific forms known by over 1300 documented names.[6] In Italy, the names of specific pasta shapes or types often vary by locale. For example, the pasta form cavatelli is known by 28 different names depending upon the town and region. Common forms of pasta include long and short shapes, tubes, flat shapes or sheets, miniature shapes for soup, those meant to be filled or stuffed, and specialty or decorative shapes.[7]

      As a category in Italian cuisine, both fresh and dried pastas are classically used in one of three kinds of prepared dishes: as pasta asciutta (or pastasciutta), cooked pasta is plated and served with a complementary side sauce or condiment; a second classification of pasta dishes is pasta in brodo, in which the pasta is part of a soup-type dish. A third category is pasta al forno, in which the pasta is incorporated into a dish that is subsequently baked in the oven.[8] Pasta dishes are generally simple, but individual dishes vary in preparation. Some pasta dishes are served as a small first course or for light lunches, such as pasta salads. Other dishes may be portioned larger and used for dinner. Pasta sauces similarly may vary in taste, color and texture.[9]

      In terms of nutrition, cooked plain pasta is 31% carbohydrates (mostly starch), 6% protein, and low in fat, with moderate amounts of manganese, but pasta generally has low micronutrient content. Pasta may be enriched or fortified, or made from whole grains.
      Hakno said 2019-03-21 14:18:47
      somebody toucha
      Ludicrous replied to Spectral's comment below 2019-03-19 12:18:32
      oh shoot the coppers

      Spectral said 2019-03-18 17:43:21
      why did you steal from my profile
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