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somewhere sweeter

Hi I'm Crescendo and I make used to make Minecraft skins!

my commissions are open for all and if you like my work I have a Ko-Fi you can donate to!

I am currently a member of Pixel²
So you can also find content from me on the Minecraft Marketplace!

As for Allegro I will be working on that slowly probably :-) don't steal my texture pack.


Can I re-upload your skins?
No. If you see my work on other sites it was re-uploaded, I only post here to PMC.

Can you make this skin Steve/Alex/Genderbent?
Sorry but I do not have the time to make different versions of all my skins! Feel free to edit them yourselves if you wish but please do not post the edited version, keep it private!

Can I use your colours/palettes?
Please ask me first and give credit if you are colour picking from my work. It's perfectly OK to use my colours but sometimes people use this to part pick from my work. I recommend learning to make your own palettes though, it will help you understand colour better.

Will you make a skin of [​x] character?
Unfortunately I no longer have the time to take requsts but feel free to suggest things to me in DM! If you are looking for a custom made skin I also take commissions so just send me a message!

do not reupload my texture pack, make a continutaion, or any other alterations/re-uploads.

I do take commissions of liscensed characters if you wish to pay me. But I reserve the right to sharethese characters on PMC.

Pixel stars are by Gasara

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