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    Welcome to the CrypticMorbid, here you can find skins, stories, and other content regarding all manner of grotesque, disturbing, and ominous works of the imagination. If you like the content you see, please don't hesitate to subscribe for more dark content, reward the Cryptic with your diamonds, or embrace the Morbid with your heart...enjoy.
    Now that introductions are out of the way, allow me to introduce my Creator...

    The Creator
    was born in Oroville, California on September 11th 1995. His name is not important, call him D.P. His childhood was broken at the age of 8, from there he was constantly moving in and out of schools and homes. Video games are his passion, he would play them to escape the garbage that is called Reality and yearned to become a video game developer. But, financial stability is a dream killer and he hated high school despite acquiring his Diploma so no scholarships.

    After realizing game design wouldn't happen, He joined the military as an infantryman 11B for the Army National Guard while working as Security, during this drudge of a 9 to 5, he met a woman who loved him for him despite all the others rejecting or not wanting him. Eventually he relocated to the small town of Calipatria California where he eventually married that woman on September 23rd 2016, later she birthed him a stubborn butthead of a boy on September 19th 2019. He was hired on as a Correctional Officer, despite the pay it was still the same 9 to 5 crawl.

    After about a year of work, he became bored and sought what he once dreamt of as a child, he learned of the Minecraft Microsoft Partnership and soon discovered Planet Minecraft. He found this as a perfect opportunity to express his dark and twisted imagination to the world, and in hopes possibly have a job he finally enjoys doing.

    If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life....
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    Enigmatic Being
    Wrathful Wraith
    Creeping Shade
    Explosive Flesh
    Hacky Whacky
    Levitated Maw
    Avalanche (Feeling Frosty Event 2021)
    Frostbite (Feeling Frosty Event 2021)
    Northern Frost Fang (Feeling Frosty Event 2021)
    Nether Seeker
    Forgotten Huntsman
    Ride The Lightning
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    Hellforge Trident
    Hellforge Tower Shield
    Hellforge Cloak
    Lights Inversion
    Lights Wall of Inversion
    Absorbing Void
    Jagged Void
    Glacial Impaler
    Glacial Barrier
    Traders Tower Shield
    Traders Glaive
    Necromancers Trident
    Necromancers Shield
    Wealthy Protection
    Wall of Blood Barbs
    Blood Barbs
    Skull Splitter
    Chain-link Cloak
    Butcher Fork
    Tattered Cloak
    Trident Of Flesh Phalanges
    Skin Cloak
    Demonic Protrusion
    End Scale Cloak
    Twin Daggers Cape
    Jaw Sword Cape
    Hammer Cape
    Morningstar Cape
    Bed of Nails
    Flesh Mannequin
    Heart Breaker
    Jesters Fork
    Black Iron
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    The Personality
    Gluttonous Maw
    Blasted Warrior
    Smoldering Spirit
    That Man
    Idol of Hate
    Nether Ender
    Maidens Head
    Head Hunter
    Crooked Smile
    Tale Teller
    The Matriarch
    Mr. Wails
    Lady Lake
    Withered Knight
    Jolly Jack
    Black Ice (Feeling Frosty Event 2021)
    Winter Guardian (Feeling Frosty Event 2021)
    Charred Man
    Bride of the Swamp
    Terry "Scary" The Clown
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