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    Hello and welcome to the Cubi Craft Minecraft Download page.

    My name is Jay and I live in Belgium, you know, that small little country between the Netherlands and France in Europe.

    I have been a big Minecraft fan for the passed 7 years and have come to the point where i make easy to follow tutorials on youtube. Each of these are posted here in schematic form so you can use them on your own map once they reach a certain amount of likes.

    For now the channel consist of mostly tutorials though in the future I'll start adding bigger builds and lets play video's.

    But hey, the main thing is, I love minecraft and want to share my creations with you and maybe teach the newer players among you a few tricks to build better :-)

    But anyway, enough talk... scroll down and download whatever you want to use in whichever way you want :)
    I would greatly appreciate a receiving credit if you decide to use one or more of them with a little call out to my channel though.

    But for the rest, enjoy :-)

    Support us on our tutorial channel for more upcoming tutorials.
    Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and of course here on Planet Minecraft.

    Best wishes and thank you for supporting us, Cubi Craft 'Jay'

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  • How to boost your Minecraft performance + extra's.

    If you are new to modding minecraft:
    Modding Minecraft - Beginners Guide: Starting with a fresh minecraft install, this shows you how to install forge, optifine, shaders and textures in an easy to follow, step by step way.
    >>> Modding Minecraft - Beginners Guide <<<

    Having trouble picking a shader? Check out our Top 5 picks for 2018.
    >>> Top 5 incredible shaders 2018 <<<

    For those of you having lag issues I would like to share what I did to increase performance in minecraft without having to spend money. My system runs windows 10. Hardware specs: I7 Quad core, 8 GB RAM and GForce1050TI GPU (4GB on board)

    Increasing the RAM usage in your minecraft would be the first and best thing to do:
    >>> How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft <<<

    Once you allocated more RAM to Minecraft you can start thinking about using mods.
    To do so, the first thing you'll need to install is Forge which is the framework to be able to use most mods.

    A full tutorial on how to install this can be found here:
    >>>> How to install Minecraft Forge <<<
    Note: Make sure to install the Forge version that corresponds to the minecraft version you use or MC will crash. Not all mods need forge so this is an optional step. If you only want to use optifine with shaders and some texture packs, you can skip
    this step entirely.

    OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod which mainly gives a FPS boost.
    For a detailed list of what optifine does visit the optifine information page.

    A full tutorial on how to install optifine can be found here:
    >>> How to install optifine and shaders <<<
    Note: In this video we also add shaders to minecraft.

    If you plan on using mods that alter the gameplay, make sure to install forge first.

    To make shaders work within forge you have to install in this order.
    - Do the Forge tutorial first. >>>> How to install Minecraft Forge <<<
    - Select the forge version you installed in the list in launch options and save
    - Drop the optifine.jar file in to the mods folder. (do not double click it for this way of install).
    - Then add your shaders in the shaderpack folder.
    - launch the forge version

    I made separate tutorials on the both because not everyone wants to use forge.
    Users who only want to use shaders and texture packs don't need forge.
    They can just install optifine in this way: >>> How to install optifine and shaders <<<

    If you still have lag after these steps your system needs an overhaul.
    One more thing that might help you though is tweaking the settings.
    The most effective ones would be
    - view distance
    - mipmap levels
    - connected textures
    - The kind of shaders you added to minecraft (by that I mean, don't install a high or ultra version on a system that can only run 2 or 3GB in Minecraft and/or has a graphics card with only 1 or 2 GB VRAM. Go for a medium or lite version on lower end systems.

    More tutorials that might interest you.

    - Replay mod. A mod to record your game play in minecraft, make time lapses and even 360° video's.
    >>> How to install replay mod <<<
    >>> The Complete User Guide <<<

    - World Edit. A must have tool to sculpt your landscape, copy/paste repetitive tasks, generate shapes, build mountains and much much more.
    >>> How to install world edit <<<

    - Schematics:
    In this tutorial we show you the basics on downloading and using schematics
    >>> How to download and use schematics <<<

    - End portals: For those of you having trouble making end portals work
    >>> How to make End portal + common mistakes <<<

    Cherry Blossom Tree: In this tutorial we go over some tips and techniques to build your own custom blossom trees without the use of world edit or voxel sniper. From easy to advanced.
    >>> How to build Custom Blossom Trees <<<

    More coming soon.
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  • Note

    You are free to use the schematics in any way you see fit but do give me credit for them by linking to our youtube page.
    To remove the clay from the schematic, select your 2 points to encase the build in a cube. //pos1 and //pos2
    Type //replace clay air or //replace 82 0. Do be aware no clay is in the build itself or this will be removed as well.

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