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    Hello and welcome to the Cubi Craft Minecraft Download page.

    My name is Jay and I live in Belgium

    I have been a big Minecraft fan for the passed 6 years.
    So I've started a Youtube channel for Minecraft tutorials in all styles and difficulty levels
    We also take requests.
    The goal of the channel is to share our ideas with the community and to inspire.

    To do so, I made a profile on here so you can download schematics made in the tutorials.
    It would be awesome to get a like on the tutorial video of the schematic you use or download.
    With it you help us:
    - Reach a larger number of people in the community so they can enjoy the downloads as well.
    - See what the community likes
    - What direction we should go with the channel
    And best of all, you make someone happy with it

    You can do so much good with just one little click.

    Support us on our tutorial channel for more upcoming tutorials.
    Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and of course here on Planet Minecraft.

    Have fun building your dreams and see you on the channel.
    Best wishes, Cubi Craft 'Jay'
  • How to boost your Minecraft performance.

    For those of you having lag issues I would like to share what I did to increase performance in minecraft without having to spend money.

    Step 1:
    Normal Minecraft works fine with 1GB RAM and no mods but if you allocate more memory, you can improve it and use mods like shaders, texture packs and game altering mods while still having a good fps rate.

    With the new launcher, Minecraft also provides a Java runtime environment. If problems occur during the execution of this guide, it may be helpful to install and use the official version of Java. Be sure to install the correct version (32/64 bit).and make sure to always have the latest version of Java and Java runtime installed.

    Minecraft Launcher:
    Since Minecraft 1.6.X you can use the new launcher. With this, it is possible to integrate Java commands directly into the game.
    Download and execute the new launcher. In the section "Launch options" select your profile and activate advanced settings.
    Activate "JVM Arguments" and replace the text with
    1GB -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M
    2GB -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M
    add 1024M to both numbers to increase it 1 GB each time.

    Don't go higher then 2 GB if you run a 32bit system. Even then it may not work. 2GB will only work on a 32bit system when your total RAM is 4GB. If you don't have 4 GB of RAM on your 32 bit system, then leave your minecraft on 1 GB standard and improve the performance by installing optifine and tweaking your settings. Optifine will be discussed later in this post.

    Code explained:
    - Xmx is the maximum of RAM wich Minecraft can allocate.
    - Xms is the allocated RAM at the beginning.
    - Never make Xms bigger then Xmx

    Save this profile and execute Minecraft.

    A full tutorial on How to allocate more ram to minecraft can be found here:
    >>> How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft <<<

    Step 2:
    Once you allocated more RAM to Minecraft you can start thinking about using mods.
    To do so, the first thing you'll need to install is Forge which is the framework to be able to use most mods.
    A full tutorial on how to install this can be found here:
    >>>> How to install Minecraft Forge <<<
    Note: Not all mods need forge so this is an optional step. If you only want to use optifine with shaders and some texture packs, you can skip
    this step entirely.

    Step 3:
    OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod which mainly gives a FPS boost.
    For a detailed list of what optifine does visit the optifine information page.
    A full tutorial on how to install optifine can be found here:
    >>> How to install optifine and shaders <<<
    Note: In this video we also add shaders to minecraft.

    If you plan on using mods that alter the gameplay, make sure to install forge first.

    To make shaders work within forge you have to install in this order.
    - Do the Forge tutorial first. >>>> How to install Minecraft Forge <<<
    - Select the forge 1.12 in the list in launch options and save
    - Drop the optifine.jar file in to the mods folder. (do not double click it for this way of install).
    - Then add your shaders in the shaderpack folder.
    - launch the forge 1.12 version

    If you install optifine first and then forge, you'll have a optifine 1.12 and forge 1.12. By installing forge first, you install optifine within the forge one by using the forge one as your base.

    I made separate tutorials on the both because not everyone wants to use forge.
    Users who only want to use shaders and texture packs don't need forge.
    They can just install optifine in this way: >>> How to install optifine and shaders <<<

    Step 4:
    If you still have lag after these steps your system needs an overhaul.
    One more thing that might help you though is tweaking the settings.
    The most effective ones would be
    - view distance
    - mipmap levels
    - connected textures
    - The kind of shaders you added to minecraft (by that I mean, don't install a high or ultra version on a system that can only run 2 or 3GB in Minecraft and/or has a graphics card with only 1 or 2 GB VRAM. Go for a medium or lite version on lower end systems.

    Hope this guide helped you out. Let us know if you think of something we should or could add to this post.

    More tutorials that might interest you. This post will grow as we make new tutorials.

    - Replay mod. A mod to record your game play in minecraft, make time lapses and even 360° video's.
    >>> How to install replay mod <<<
    - World Edit. A must have tool to sculpt your landscape, copy/paste repetitive tasks, generate shapes, build mountains and much much more.
    >>> How to install world edit <<<
    - Schematics:
    In this tutorial we show you the basics on downloading and using schematics
    >>> How to download and use schematics <<<

    - End portals: For those of you having trouble making end portals work
    >>> How to make End portal + common mistakes <<<

    More coming soon.
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