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    If you're here because I notification spammed
    you, I'm sorry, and it's because I like you.

    As of 1/30/2021:

    As many years have gone by since this accounts creation, I have gone from one
    person alone. To one with such supportive
    friends and family, I'm so lucky to have.

    I have all this because of a forum post in 2017; that links to a Discord Server.
    The project is now dead, the server is now gone. But the journey it sent me on
    is still alive to this day. I have but this site to thank for my life.

    To not ramble, thank you. All of you. And- to not ramble- I've contemplated what to do with this account in the two years I've been gone. They vary- but I see now how irresponsible it would be to go back and change or delete anything. So I never will. Instead, I will breathe new life into this account, with a new style. And this time I am now alone, I will be creating with friends as well.
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  • Hello Neighbor

    The Protagonist (Hello Neighbor)
    Mr. Wilson (Hello Neighbor)
    [1.11] Hello Neighbor MULTIPLAYER *ALPHA 2*
    Hello Neighbor Game UPCOMING PROJECT!
    NeighborCraft: The Hello Neighbor Mod!
    Structure Editor (StrEdit) | edit attributes of structure files
    Mr. Clownson  (Hello Neighbor?)
    SecurityCraft ~ Security cameras, retinal scanners, and more!
    [1.16.4] Sandwich Mod [Fabric]
    MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (Updated 2021) (1.17.1)
    [1.8.9/1.8] MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: Community Edition - A Community Based Furniture Mod
    [1.7.2/1.6.4] [Forge] [SSP/SMP] MrCrayfish's Construction Mod v1.1 Beta - A.O.E Inspired Construction! Huge Update!
    Structure Animator (StrAnimator)
    Chat Bubbles 1.15.2
    [1.7.10/1.8/1.8.9/1.9.4/1.10.X/1.11.X] Master Chef Mod ~ More than just food!
    The Kitchen Mod - Modular Sandwiches! - Now available in 25 languages!
    mxTune - a music mod that lets you play MML files
    Hello Neighbor - Alpha 2 (LOST FILES, NO DOWNLOAD)
    [RU] Hello Neighbor Alpha 1
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    •  avatar
      August 19, 2021, 10:03 pm to Public
      It's honestly hard to keep motivated, especially when I easily lose the confidence in my skins. But, I guess that just means I need to push myself harder to start when I can.
      The Local Cryptid said 2021-08-19 22:51:44
      Don't rush yourself, wait until you're happy with your content if you feel like it, and remember that improvement takes time and doesn't happen overnight.
    •  avatar
      August 19, 2021, 9:50 pm to Public
      I'm still active, sorry!!!! I'm on hiatus again!!!
    •  avatar
      June 12, 2021, 8:55 pm to Public
      Here it is, it's almost done. (also do you like the extra shading or no)

      My problem? I physically can't comprehend how to do the tail onto one leg, if anyone can give me advice. THANK YOU.
      ItsChowi- said 2021-06-12 23:10:37
      So if you wanna add a bit more shade it's alright! But, if you add too much shade it'll look a bit too realistic but, if that's the look your going for knock yourself out! :3

      And, for your second problem idk if you mean about skin but, if you do i would look at skins with tails to see what would look much better on the look your going for and look at some art work with tails to see how you would think it'll look like and try to see how it would look like!

      And, that's all! Hope that helped out! ^^
    •  avatar
      June 5, 2021, 11:40 pm to Public
      OH, hello! I'm alive still!
    •  avatar
      May 20, 2021, 3:41 pm to Public
      After finishing my latest skin upload, I am thinking of minorly
      redesigning my previous two skins, any suggestions?
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  • Adventurecraft

    [1.7.2/1.7.10]Extended Villages
    {1.14.4/1.7.10} Extended Farming
    [1.7.10]Extended Villages Add-ons
    [1.12/1.11/1.10] The Camping Mod
    Pingus Mod [FORGE][1.6.4][SSP]
    [1.12.2] JurassiCraft 2.1.20
    Animals Plus ★ v1.8 - Kiwis, camels and more! 🐫 🐢 (Updated 5/8/2016)
    JavalCars / Drive cars in Minecraft! / 1.7.10 Coming Soon! / Forge Compatible
    The Trap Book
    Chat Bubbles 1.15.2
    Better PvP Mod 1.17.1 Forge (+ Fabric, 1.16.5, 1.15.2, 1.14.4, 1.12.2, 1.8.9, 1.7.10 and more)
    [1.7.10/1.8/1.8.9/1.9.4/1.10.X/1.11.X] Master Chef Mod ~ More than just food!
    Five nights at Freddy's Mod || (Forge 1.7.10)
    LookAtMySkin v1.0 - Skin Previewer and Poser
    MobCraft -> Build your mobs inside Minecraft!
    PopularMMOS EpicProportions Mod - Halloween Addon
    [1.7.10] Fisk's Superheroes (Forge)
    [Forge] AliensVsPredator, Prometheus
    [1.12.2/1.7.10] Wolff's Star Wars Pack 2.2 for Flan's mod
    The Corrupted Ones
    Custom NPCs
    More Player Models
    MO' BENDS - 1.1.0 Update! (1.12.2)
    Rollercoaster Mod (Now Rideable!)
    [FORGE] FreddyCraft v1.4: Adds things from FNaF 1, 2, 3, and 4 into Minecraft! (On hiatus)
    [1.7.10][V3.1.1][Forge] Miner's Heaven -  I am back!!!
    [1.8.9] Road Mod [Now with slopes!]
    [1.7.10 / 1.8] Ragdoll Corpses - New Exciting Death Effect with actual Ragdoll Physics!
    (1.6.4) (FORGE) Damage Visuals Mod - A new way to describe weakness
    [1.7.10] We Bare Bears Mod
    [1.8.9] Star Wars Droids Mod - with C3PO, R2D2, and more droids (Updated 3/1/2016)
    [1.8 Forge][W.I.P]Final Smash Mod!
    [1.8.9] Oceancraft mod: fish, crabs, whales, sharks and more (Updated 3/2/2016)
    [1.8.9/1.8] MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: Community Edition - A Community Based Furniture Mod
    [1.9.4] MrCrayfish's Skateboarding Mod - Build Your Own Parks! (Updated 14/10/16)
    More Funiture with one command! | Sofas & Lamps in Vanilla Minecraft!
    Morph mod in Vanilla Minecraft! (Smooth moving)
    Restaurant v7.2.0 [Spigot 1.11.2]
    [1.6.4] Ferullo's Guns Mod [2.9.2]
    Trail Mix
    Gravity Gun
    The Kitchen Mod - Modular Sandwiches! - Now available in 25 languages!
    [forge][1.8.9][6.1.1]Youtubers lucky blocks
    TheEscapists Mod
    CrossyRoad Mod for Minecraft 1.9
    Duel: Reborn Resource Pack
    NeighborCraft: The Hello Neighbor Mod!
    Minecraft Comes Alive for 1.9, 1.8.9, and 1.7.10 [OFFICIAL] [SMP]
    [1.7.10/Forge/16-512 Pixels] MaggiCraft's Star Wars Mod [Planets, Starships, Weapons and more]
    [1.6.2][SMP] Backpack mod
    [1.7.10] Transformers Mod 0.6.3 (Forge)
    Shape Shifter Z [SMP] [1.6.4]
    mxTune - a music mod that lets you play MML files
    [1.17] Lucky Block - Drops items, spawns mobs, structures and more!
    Real Utilities Mod
    Custom Shaped Fireworks (PixelFireworks MCEdit Filter)
    CANCELLED - Five Nights at Freddy's Universe Mod
    TattleTail Craft: Mama's Coming!
    Craftable Waypoints [1.11.2 | 1.10.2][Forge]
    MusicCraft - with sound recorders! Add playable instruments to Minecraft!
    Minenautica - Subnautica mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 (1.13.2 beta release out!)
    [1.12.2] Cheese mod v 5.1.1 | Enjoy the best cheeses!
    Fakename [1.7.10] [1.10.2] [1.11.2] [1.12.2] Change your Display Name!
    [1.8.9] Pay Day Mod v2.0.0
    1.0.0 Troll mod
    Carry On - Carry around Blocks and Mobs with your bare Hands! [1.10.2 - 1.12]
    [1.12.2] Arcade Mod
    [1.12] EyeMod - A real iPhone in minecraft [v1.1.4] [EyeOS 6.0]
    Project Superhuman v2.0 - Beta 4 - [1.7.10 Superhero Mod] - Still Active
    Minecraft 0.31 Indev Reborn (post processing crash fixed)
    The Application of Magic
    Hypixel Bedwars Pajama Armor Retexture
    Adventurer (Alternative skins in Description)
    Invisible Steve
    Steve Holding Block ~Dirt~
    Steve- The survivor of MineCraft (Update!)
    Enderman Hunter (Prepared for 1.8)
    Alex - Default Minecraft Character
    Noob Alex
    Diamond Armor
    ĄґĵųĺŦħęŘęāрęґ Steve FNAF Version
    Prisoner Steve
    Doctor Steve
    Elite Adventurer (Alternative skins in Description)
    Writer Steve
    Just Build It [1.10.2 - 1.12.2] Adds unique Building Blocks
    Forgotten Items [1.11.2] [1.12.2] World specific Crafting Recipes!
    Mobs Gun Mod For Minecraft  [1.7.10]
    [1.4.7] Extreme Dungeons Mod - Insane spawners and amazing loot! Updated to 1.4.7
    Five Nights At Freddy's [(V0.4 PRE)]
    [1.0] Human Villagers (Make the villagers look like humans)
  • Trophy Case

  • Starwars Battlecraft

    STAR WARS Death Star II
    Star Destroyer (Improved)
    Star Wars Adventure Map (Snapshot required)
    Minecraft Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hoth
    Star Wars Rebel Hoth Base by Ghostmod
    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Version 2
    Minecraft Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Tantive IV)
    Star Wars: The Battle of Jakku
    StarWars- Corellian CR70 corvette
    StarWars- Rebel Blockade Runner
    Sandcrawler STAR WARS
    Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Jabba The Hutts Sail Barge
    Han Solo [Episodes IV-V-VI]
    Imperial Stormtrooper
    Boba Fett of Kamino
    Dangerous Dengar
    Bossk ''Bossky Boss'' Prey Devourer
    Darth ''Ani'' Vader
    Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan
    Jabba the Hutt [May 4th!]
    Jawa Scavenger
    Grand Admiral Thrawn [Star Wars]
    Rebel Trooper
    Snowspeeder Pilot
    Boba Fett
    C-3PO [Episode IV]
    Luke Skywalker
    *Little Sansy~* -Han Berry (May the 4th be with you!)
    Star Wars: Rogue One - Shoretrooper
    Star Wars - Royal Guard
    SW.C Scout trooper
    Obi Wan Kenobi
    Star Wars - Imperial Officer
    Darth Sidious - Star Wars ( 50 SUBS SPECIAL! )
    Emperor Palpatine- May the 4th Be With You
    Emperor's Shadow Guard
    [1.8.9] Star Wars Droids Mod - with C3PO, R2D2, and more droids (Updated 3/1/2016)
    The StarWars mod 1.1.5c (MC 1.7.2)
    [1.7.10] The StarWars Mod  V.6 Alpha =Test build=
    [NEW] Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod is taking the place of PSWM!
    Boba Fett
    Grand Admiral Thrawn [Star Wars] (TNEWSC)
    Death Trooper (Zombie)
    Star wars rebels -
    Death Trooper (Rogue One)
    Imperial Medic Trooper
    Imperial Magmatrooper (DeathstarDLC)
    Imperial Deathstartrooper
    Imperial Heavy Trooper
    Imperial Stormtooper
    Imperial Stormtrooper Squadleader Rogue One
    Imperial Shocktrooper with jetpack (SWBF3BespinDLC)
    Imperial Royal Guard (SWBF3)
    At-At Driver
    Riot Stormtrooper
    Imperial Dark Trooper
    Imperial Gunner
    501. Legion Stormtrooper (TFU)
    Stormtrooper Commander (TFU)
    501. Shockstormtrooper (TFU)
    Shadow Evo Trooper
    Star Wars battlefront 3 Shocktrooper
    Star Wars Battlefront 3 jumppack
    Schadow Trooper Level 50 SWBF3
    Stormtrooper (Star Wars Rebels)
    Evo Trooper
    Rebel Marine (Rogue One)
    Rebel Commando (SWBF2)
    Rebel biker Scout
    StarWars Rebel Trooper | Rogue One - IV - V - VI |
    Admiral Ackbar - Star Wars
    Mustafar (Coming in my Star Wars mod.)
    StarWars PvP map (Capture Checkpoints)
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resource Pack v2.5
    The Empire Strikes Block: Star Wars Server
    How to Talk Yoda 101
    Ezra Bridger (Starwars)
    Wampa (Starwars)
    Death Star (StarWars)
    Jawa Of Starwars
    Star Wars - Episode II: Clone Trooper (Phase 1)
    Star Wars - Super Battle Droid
    Trade Federation B1 Battle Droid
    Super Battle Droid
    Cyber Police
    The Virus
    Cyber Reaper (New Cyber Glass)
    Ahsoka Tano / Star Wars
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