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    About Me:
    I've been playing minecraft since the day after update 1.2.5, I've been a community enthusiast since then until around summer 2015. I became quite dormant due to me becoming progressively more bored with the game and finding it nowhere near as good as it used to be. I don't know what changed, but I still try to hop on from time to time to work on some of my old projects as well as some of my unreleased ones. I have a youtube channel as well, but due to school work and my work schedule; I'm not able to record much. Anyways, long story short I update my projects or add new ones 1-2 times a month on here, and I do have a WIP server, it's chugging along slowly due to my inactivity, but oh well. It'll come out soon lol.

    Minecraft Accounts:
    Bloobies (Main)
    finalvoid (Alternate)
    Backbones (Alternate)
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