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Hi there! I'm Demi, and one of my hobbies is making videos and animations in my spare time. I also upload very random things sometime, don't let it hit you by surprise if they make no sense at all.
I hope you like my chanel, and if that's the case, why don't you suscribe? ^^

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¡Buenas! Soy Demi, y uno de mis hobbies es hacer videos y animaciones en mi tiempo libre. También subo cosas sin mucho sentido de vez en cuando por diversion, que no os extrañe.
Espero que os guste mi canal, si es así... ¿A que esperáis para suscribiros? ^^

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[[To do list]] (updated 12/jul/2017)
- Christmas turnabout finale [10%]
- Underswap #7 - Dating Sans [20%]
- Furry clap (Kitties/Kitty clap from rythm heaven megamix) [75%]
- Geometry Dash - Darkness [?]

{Email: [email protected]}

Latest videos

  • DanceMoves.mp4
    I don't even know to be honest. ═════ Credits ══════ ► Software ◄ Modeling ➤ Blender Animation ➤ Unity ► Music ◄ ▸ DanceMoves theme ▹ Fortnite ═════...

    posted 08/30/2018 6:37 pm

  • When you jump in the CAAC epic style (feat Ramón)
    I got a gun *loading click* no girls, girls gotta die *gunshots mix with drums* wake up with no hhhuuueɘυυυʜʜʜ Julioioioio̸͔͛h̴͇̀h̶̰͑h̸̖̆h̷̢̎h̴̼̅ḩ̷̏ I can I can’t ba...

    posted 05/17/2018 7:06 am

  • VRChat_IRL #2 - The most aggressive car ever
    (Descripción en español disponible, cambia el idioma de YouTube) Another VRChat compilation! I decided to make this one longer to fit more stuff in it. I don't have much to say this time either, so...

    posted 04/19/2018 12:41 pm

  • Demian factory (Screwbot factory 2) - Rhythm Heaven Fever [60fps]
    (Descripción en español disponible, cambia el idioma de YouTube) "The demand skyrocketed, and we need a bunch of Demians ready by the end of the day. Will you follow the rhythm and work fast enough...

    posted 04/11/2018 7:14 am

  • The wormsonas are missing! -- Wormsona creator
    (Descripción en español disponible, cambia el idioma de YouTube) No, this is not a joke, the wormsona creator exists! ═════ Credits ═══...

    posted 04/01/2018 7:00 am

  • VRChat_IRL #1 - The shitpost simulator (Ft. Zimbabwean Knuckles)
    (Traducción al español disponible, cambia el idioma de YouTube) There's not much more to say that wasn't already said, so I hope you liked my first compilation! ... wew this is the sortest descrip...

    posted 03/12/2018 3:22 pm

  • [Timelapse] Modeling 3D Demi (part 2/2)
    (Descripción en español disponible, cambia el idioma de YouTube) So, well, that's it. Second and final part of the timelapse. I hope this wasn't too boring to watch ^^ As you might have noticed, t...

    posted 03/03/2018 12:59 pm

  • [Timelapse] Modeling 3D Demi (part 1/2)
    (Descripción en español disponible, cambia el idioma de YouTube) After I discovered VRChat and saw it was so easy to use your own models, I got really motivated to get into 3D modeling, something a...

    posted 02/28/2018 11:31 am

  • [Offline] 3D modeling Demi
    Sorry for the lagg in the video, I have no idea what caused it. Google+ post with more info: Playlist:

    posted 01/20/2018 8:30 pm

  • Furry clap (Cat clap) - Rhythm Heaven Megamix [60 FPS]
    (Para ver la descripción traducida, cambia el idioma de youtube al español) Here's Furry Clap, my version of Rythm Heaven's minigame Kitties / Cat clap! I started this a really long while ago, and ...

    posted 10/23/2017 5:38 pm



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