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    Just a hero for fun
    This type of content creating is just a hobby and PMC is the more "laid back" minecraft content community compared to curseforge which I also use, so here i am!
    Enjoy my mods/datapacks/other stuff!

    If you want to join my discord for my SMP let me know!
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    Heya, your friendly modder/content maker here with a SMP!

    I have a small SMP that anyone interested could join. It started out as a small singleplayer world I played in during the beginning of the pandemic but then evolved into something greater.

    The aim is to just have fun and develop the community although there is apparently a "lore" that some other players started roleplaying in so there's that haha

    Some images:

    Here's our spawn in the community and a bit of some player settlements as of a few days ago (it seems daunting I know, but there's plenty of room to build and develop your own things)

    Here are some of the players on our expedition a couple of days ago into a new dimension we opened for anarchy/war/resources (that way players have a place to release their griefing inhibitions and just go wild for a bit)

    More info (comment if you want to join):

    It's a minehut server but generally isn't very laggy because we have rules in place for that. Speaking of rules, we have a couple of them but they were all decided by the people of the server and the rules mostly serve as a social contract. Although they may seem dauting at first, our staff members are lenient about the rules as long as you go by them too.

    We have a pretty fair system too in which players can openly discuss/debate things or give their own opinions without some admin shutting them down because "my server, my rules". A lot of our rules were actually altered due to player input later on.

    The rules and all further information can be found on our discord, which I will provide privately if you want to join (we have a whitelist).

    Speaking of which, if you want to join our server, comment below and I'll dm you some more info including the discord link!
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