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    I am a huge fan of sandbox games. I started off with Roller coaster Tycoon. Eventually moving on to other games such as GTA, Universe Sandbox 2, Assassins creed, and as of lately Cities: Skylines... Boo me all you want but I have never been a fan of Sims. Falling upon Minecraft has been one of the better experiences, mostly due to the community behind it. The sharing of Ideas, and helping one another complete monumental tasks is great to see and be apart of.

    I am here to make a portfolio of sorts. To network, share, and to see what others have created using it as a motivation tool towards new projects and ideas for myself. I've got some modding down, understand how to create skins, and resources packs... Need to brush up on world painter and red stone though. I usually spend my time playing solo survival. When I am actually playing and not porting or modding away... however from time to time you may catch me on a server taking part in build contests and mini games.

    When I am not gaming, I am usually busy working away, from my actual job, to side hobbies... creating digital art, building websites, and the occasional photography or drawing. I have an associates in the arts of information technology, and like to take on each day as it's own. If you're looking for someone who can help out with a project, or want some pointers on something feel free to reach out to me. I am always available to provide new perspective. (I just might not get back to you right away.)
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      September 6, 2020, 9:25 am to Public
      New Project Announcement.

      I am getting to working on a new / more original texture pack for Bedrock. (Untitled for now...) I have no time frame in mind. As my previous deleted post stated... I work A LOT! and while creating COMIX was fun, I want to push myself even more... but also being I work a lot, it will take some time to complete. I will post some pictures of what I currently have going on in my next post...

      Currently most of the Dirt's. Grass, Stones are finished... I'm honestly starting to like more than Photoshop even when it comes to editing as well.


      If you've downloaded the "DFergxx's 8x8", What I Called "DFergxx's Official Textures" or the "D3F4ULT" texture packs before they were removed... Feel free to use them as your own, but re create it too don't just steal an abandoned project and call it your own. There is no need to link credit back to me for any of the three texture packs listed above unless you want to state that I started the pack and decided to abandon the project...

      Glad to be back at it with things... Hopefully I will eventually take part in contests and whatnot... Be safe and stay healthy everyone.
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