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      June 8, 2022, 9:56 am to Public
      DFergxz Blog Post 05:

      This update is about Sketched. So now that the 1.19 update is here. Some of the working textures for bedrock needed to be renamed as they were working until the update. For some reason the Java version is all set and needed no changes to be made. Both packs were already updated for 1.19 prior to the official release. BUT!!!! The bedrock textures were renamed as of this morning. If you have any broken textures or textures that do not appear sketched anymore... Delete the old version and download the latest version.
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      June 2, 2022, 8:04 am to Public
      DFergxz Blog Post 04:

      Things have been a bit crazy at work lately. Haven't had a lot of time to work on anything on the bucket list... I do plan on looking into creating some addons for the bedrock edition soon however. So for now check out this cool video that was suggested to me. (If you aren't already aware of them.) Wuzu Clay created an Abandoned Mineshaft. Pretty cool huh?

      DFergxz said 2022-06-02 08:05:29
      Check the video out [HERE] if you'd like.
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    Hey there, and thank you for stopping by my profile here on Planet Minecraft!

    I'm DFergxz, I'm here to share my texture pack Sketched, and other content aimed for both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft.

    IRL I'm your typical guy, I work a lot of hours, spend time and help my friends and family, and just like to not think and relax when my responsibilities are caught up on and taken care of. I enjoy all sorts of music, movies... Like to be out doors, and enjoy getting into DIY / Artsy type of projects. I have a degree in Networking and Computer Science and do some coding of my own in my free time.

    I hope you enjoy my content as it comes along, all of the content released here will be 1 man projects, blogs, and ideas I would like to share with the Minecraft community.
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