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    。・:*:・゚u can call me dj!

    。・:*:・゚I'm a 13 y/o badass who makes skins on an iPhone 6 and uploads them on Skinseed and Planet Minecraft because limits can't stop me from slaying・゚・:*:・。

    extra info about me

    i love making skins since 2018, i know that skins aren’t a big deal because they are characters for minecraft to play in you can say but i don’t specifically make it for that but for my passion for fashion.

    i make skins as art, it brings me joy when i finish one of my character’s into a 3d format, it’s also fun editing them for a photo to share with friends.

    how i plan out to make my skins is i first listen to a song and then i visualize an outfit that can express this song, that is fit for this song, specifically made for this song. i first take a base color and draw the outline of the outfit and then sorta make a color pallet. then i start adding lighter colors and highlights and then on the second layer i try to make it more dimensional as for the clothing or hair, etc.

    if the clothing i want to make is like wearing a detailed logo on it or design i try to make it blend with the outer colors and try to make it fit as possible in such small area.

    my skins usually exceed 9 hours of dedication and love.

    sometimes i like to sketch my skins on a piece of paper to show viewers what it’s suppose to look like, to give an idea and an explanation because sometimes people can misunderstand and that’s okay because it is a 124x124 format.

    My Art
    I won't import them here because my Phone and Mac will break. [​Click Here] to view them (I do upload new art there once in a while)

    haha my hobby is making skins!
    I like to play Roblox, Fortnite Save The World, Minecraft, Sims4, Genshine Impact, Rec Room and many more

    my favorite all time game is Royale High (Roblox), it is a fantasy game where you are given a teleportation scepter to explore realms and fun games to play made by the the talented royale high devs. there are seasonal updates which includes; a realm where the event is happening (mostly in divinia park (made by OceanOrbs) or a realm made by the crimus crew), a new set for the month/s and a new halo for the season.

    -{a set is a complete outfit that can be purchased with the currency of the game diamonds (made by the crimus crew) containing separate accessories, which can be; sleeves (+custom arms), a beautiful top/corset/bodice/shirt,etc (+custom torso), a skirt, heels/boots/shoes (+custom legs)}

    - {a halo is a seasonal item where can be obtained/won in the fountain of dreams located in divinia park & diamond beach, when u wish into the fountain and throw ur diamonds in you are given a story made by the writers that won the halo story contest hosted on twitter by Kateka22. once the story has been typed in you are giving A-D options, most of the time there are only 2 answers or 1 that can only win u a halo or increase the chance to win one. when you click an answer and your screen flashes a specific color and received a badge, you have won the halo of the season. there is a 0,01% chance of winning a halo and it is really rare to win one so if you don’t get in it the first try, don’t be sad just wait another 3 hours to wish back in to the fountain to increase ur chance of winning one. (not everyone has a halo because it is suppose to be a rare item considered rich in diamond currency)

    Royale High is also known for the best “dress up” game on Roblox; in the dress up menu u can wear accessories that u have won from the wheel,fountain or found in a chest or bought from the shop. u can wear wings made by our community, skirts, heels, (old) mermaid tails, and accessories which can be found more organized in the top left.

    on the right side of the dress up menu, u will find; the shop (#2) , Hairstyles (f&m, also made by our talented 3d modelers, such as: PureSweetener, ReddieTheTeddy, iifer_plays), Outfit (made by our Roblox Community Homestores for classic clothing featured in rh), Face (f&m, also made by our amazing community of makeup artists such as: ArtsyChanei, Dear Noa, Sal, ivandraws_rblx), body (which include body bundles to be compatible with set accessories, animation bundles to change your idle,walk,run,jump,swim. Skintone and Magical Settings for your wings), profile (everyone is given a journal where they can customize it however they want, such as pfp, add stickers, change colors of the journal, add Q&A’s, view how long you’ve been playing rh, your level, and your Roblox Badges that you’ve won in rh! once you're done with ur fit u can go ahead and save it in the outfits section so u can wear it again or not to lose it. click done and enjoy your fit!!
    (Also rh is currently in beta, the owner of the game (NightBarbie) was been working on a dream project for 2 years, it is a New School that is almost ready to be released into the public. there will be tons of stuff to do in there and multiple/new ways to earn diamonds. so don't quit or any of that bs, u should be exciteddd)

    my friends :D
    these are my amazing friends that are on this plaftorm, please consider following them and checking out their amazing skins!!!

    Spxngie (BESTIEE)
    Papa Enny (daddy)
    jaedi (babe)
    morningblues (<3)
    elbowssh (we're technically siblings 👯‍♂️)
    nyumi (super talentedd)
    AIenaNeko (hell yeah im the mf princess)
    FENTI (I can talk about fashion with them all day LOL)
    vummy (<3)
    Magnollia (super sweet and kind :3)

    Q&A: what type of music do u listen to?
    I mainly listen to pop, hip-hop, r&b/soul and alternative. u can check out my playlists on my Apple Music Profile

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    additional platforms
    Roblox: djserox
    Skinseed: djzerox
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