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  • DragonsDungeon
    November 4, 2020, 12:17 pm to Public
    PMC is an interesting case: People preach about how inclusive this site is, but as soon as people want to talk about anything that can be perceived as "divisive" it seems to fall apart. It's an interesting case, because politics in regards to LGBTQ+ has been discussed on pmc before without much issue, until someone presents the case against it. If PMC is so inclusive, why is it that politics as such is frowned upon like so. This is not unique to this site, of course, but it's still very applicable.

    And honestly, it's not like I need PMC to be inclusive as such: I am fine if people would rather avoid certain politics or certain political opinions, but in saying you're inclusive on a site, you need to allow for both to exist. That or accept that you're not as inclusive as you perceive yourself to be. Real life issues are already tackled plenty on pmc, this strictly falls into that category for me. Whether I want it discussed or not is a different matter, but if you want to be inclusive, be inclusive.
    Armok said 2020-11-24 23:51:44
    I feel like it's a bit silly to discuss politics on a forums dedicated to minecraft, but I suppose that's just how the internet is these days
    I will have to pose this question, should we be tolerant of those who are intolerant of the so called "other"? I'm leaving this question open to interpretation. ´╗┐hopefully I'm not opening up a can of worms here
    DragonsDungeon replied to Ruben0_0's comment below 2020-11-05 19:24:46
    I cannot answer that as I frankly do not get it myself either.
    Ruben0_0 said 2020-11-05 18:59:31
    Why would one even use PMC to discuss politics? Like, really this is a genuine question. A vast portion of people on here aren't even eligible to vote yet.
    Zatharel said 2020-11-05 09:53:42
    twitter, but for minecraft
    Kord said 2020-11-04 19:07:59
    The site is extremely cliquish (and within those cliques, tending towards varying degrees of judgmental): it's not inclusive to a large degree at all. Thank you for this post, it is concise yet descriptively accurate.
    hydrqngeq said 2020-11-04 13:21:04
    Woah, this makes perfect sense. This is such a great explanation.
    Whiteout- said 2020-11-04 12:20:54
    You explained this perfectly
    Diiby said 2020-11-04 12:18:37
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