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*Sips hot chocolate, before noticing you*.

"Oh, um, Hello there. So you want to know about me? Oh, well, um, "Gosh, what even is there interesting about me?"

  Well my name is DreamWanderer as you already know. I have been playing Minecraft since 1.2.5 as a young teen. I started out playing survival only. I soon found a server to call home name "MineAlot" Playing on the server i was much impressed with the builds, and wanted to build like that. I slowly began to learn to build. It was something that i much enjoyed, even tho i wasn't much good at it at the time. I made friendships along the way while playing. I stuck with the server up until its sudden end, when It shut down without notice in 2014. Shortly after i played on servers created by fellow Minecrafter's that where trying to keep the original server's playerbase alive. They soon too fell to waste.

  Afterwords, My interest in Minecraft fell, and there was points where i didn't build much, where other games had taken up my Interest. Now as a young adult I have returned with a interest in building. I'm not sure if i would call it a hobby, but my joy is creating worlds using my imagination. Tho i have learned a lot about building along the way, there is always much to learn.

  So enough about How i started Minecraft I guess, and to the about me part. I am a little bit of a shy guy from the USA. I live in a little rural town. I love spending my time driving around, taking in the sights. On my off time that I am not working my job . I am building in Minecraft, or playing some other game, and listening to music. My favorite genres of music include "Classic country, and early 2000's country (none of the new stuff (ok maybe a few songs, but not much), as well as 70's 80's and 90's era hit music. I love creating things, whether they are virtual worlds, Real projects, or watching as the crops I plant grow. My ultimate dream is someday be able to buy a piece of property, and build a house with my own to hands to call home, and take up growing a large garden, and orchard. Possibly even keep farm animals, and be able to live semi off grid.

My current hobbies are:
:Building in MC
:Playing other games

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