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DudeTheNinja on Youtube

Subscribers: 2,630
Videos: 175

Hi, I'm DudeTheNinja, and I like the Classic.

My content consists of mostly TF2 and Minecraft mods that I made. If you like that stuff, then subscribe. :)

Latest videos

  • [TF2] Hatsune Miku over the Spy
    god this took forever. i have nothing really much else to say. This was my first time using SFM for a video thumbnail, however. Pretty proud of it. £4-tier Patrons get this early, as usual. The rest...

    posted 10/11/2021 6:37 am

  • [TF2] I Made The Classic An SMG Replacement (For The Third Time)
    This is the third time I've made "The Classic But A Replacement For The SMG", this time with custom animations and the normal Classic model with edits to support removing the clip. (I was going to add...

    posted 08/27/2021 8:03 am

  • [TF2] Miscellanous Mishmash: CSGO-related nonsense
    Sorry for not uploading frequently (as always). Here's a mashup of various mods based on CS:GO. All were made this year, but a few months ago at the latest. Pretty proud of all of these. All of these...

    posted 08/05/2021 6:26 pm

  • [TF2] Minecraft Iron Pickaxe
    Perfect for mining diamonds... and enemy skulls. Just a short video like I used to make, featuring a semi-recent mod I was pretty proud of. Might do more shorter videos like these as I find them easi...

    posted 06/27/2021 7:47 pm

  • [TF2] LEGO Universe Ports
    A series of mods that were of a similar theming so I stuck them into a compilation video. LEGO Universe was a game I very much liked as a youngster, and seeing as the LEGO Group is acknowledging its e...

    posted 06/17/2021 4:25 am

  • [TF2] Beep Man Weaponry 1
    A series of dumb weapon mods that were of a similar theming so I stuck them into a compilation video. Apologies for the lack of videos, I just havent had ideas or motivation. My brain is being mean t...

    posted 05/13/2021 6:11 pm

  • [HL2] TF2 Breadcrab Port
    The Black Mesa Incident was caused by Barney Calhoun using the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to cook bread. This was a direct port of the Breadcrab item, rigged up, and weight painted(though it looks ugly w...

    posted 04/07/2021 5:04 pm

  • [TF2] I Reanimated The Classic
    well i sorta did Just a rough thing to slowly get back into animating (and video making - I've just not had the energy or motivation to make any, sorry.) The fire animation is explained as follows: I...

    posted 04/03/2021 4:08 pm

  • [TF2] Soldier Has Fists
    (okay we knew that already, but now he has it as a melee weapon) Because all Americans right to bear arms with bare arms! Time to fight like a true soldier! -- Commission me!:

    posted 03/06/2021 7:13 pm

  • [TF2] Bullpup SMG
    Because you people don't deserve nice things. (just kidding y'all're cool) Before the onslaught of people saying "where the bolt go tho?": I'm just a guy that wanted to replicate a funny image I saw a...

    posted 02/18/2021 4:47 pm

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