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    My name is Severus Gräber(also my Youtube name), Im from Austria and I got interested in building ships and in the summer of 2019 I wanted to get serious . I got to work and I uploaded my first ship in October 2019.
    I always try to improve myself and give you guys the best possible. My ships are often built in a timely manner, however there will be gaps inbetween because of school.
    Thanks for supporting my work!
    Timeline (newest at the bottom)
    Started October 7th 2019
    SS Maria die Schöne
    [​YardNo.1](October 2019)
    SS Erika die Schnelle
    [​YardNo.2] (October 2019)
    SS Erwin der Kleine
    (December 2019)
    Year 2020
    SS Emmanuel der Schnelle [​YardNo.4](February 2020)
    SS Alexander der Große
    SS Alexander der Elegante
    [​YardNo.6](April 2020)
    + Troop Ship Version (April 2020)
    SS Josef der Heilige
    [​YardNo.7](May 2020)
    + Troop Ship Version (July 2020)
    SS Josef der Bamherzige
    (June 2020)
    + Hospital Ship Version (July 2020)
    SS Anna die Schnelle
    [​YardNo.9](August 2020)
    + Wreck Version (September 2020)
    SS Anna die Schöne
    [​YardNo.10](August 2020)
    + Troop Ship Version (August 2020)

    SS Wilhelm der Große
    [​YardNo.11](Set to be released December 2021)
    + Hospital Ship Version (set to be released December 2021)
    Year 2021
    SS Wilhelm der Starke
    [​YardNo.12](Set to be released January 2021)
    RMS Arctic [​YardNo.1A](Set to be released March 2021)
    +Hospital Ship Version(set to be released April 2021)
    RMS Tropic
    [​YardNo.2A](Set to be released March 2021)
    SS Atlantic
    [​YardNo.3A](Set to be released May 2021)
    SS Pacific
    [​YardNo.4A](Set to be released June 2021)
    SS Medic
    [​YardNo.5A](Set to be released June 2021)
    SY Lord Severus
    [​YardNo.13](Set to be released August 2021)

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    • dvbtosvcd
      November 27, 2020, 12:14 pm to Public
      As you may have noticed, comments on my newer videos have been reenabled, heres why:

      1. without a comment section you guys can hardly get in contact with, me as many don't have PM accounts
      2. Other YouTubers like Cronos Darth or Imperial Official both have them on aswell
      3. I don't have ads on my videos, so I'm not making any money.
      I hope you like this change, as all the new videos will have comment sections from now on, now all to hope YouTube breathing down my neck and doing whatever they do won't happen! Anyways have a great weekend!
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