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    I build using the good old-fashioned way of hand-placing blocks. I rarely use a map editor, only for custom terrain on the immense-scale builds, and I only use mods for personal building projects or in builds with my affiliated building team [​so far as I know, none of them have a PMC account of their own]:

    If you like my maps, I am open for commissions; PM me for pricing. The Beast is down again, but I am using a less-powerhouse of a computer to get some small things done; see the post below for details!

    I don't make or use my own texture/resource packs, but I am very very fond of Thistlepack's Wolfhound sets and use them regularly for a variety of my maps. Check them out!


    Bermuda has her own Discord server! Feel free to come on in and learn about our iconic map and even join in the shenanigans by CLICKING THIS LINK!

    If you'd like to show support but can't/don't want to buy a premade or commission, I do have a Ko-Fi account! Click Ferris the Fox to learn more.kofibutton
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    So, unsure what the cause is this time, but Old Beastie's graphics drivers freaked out again and I can't get them back online through reinstall OR reformatting, so I think it's time to retire her.
    I am going back to see the techs that handled her last time, and their pricing is fair so that this is not a call to help on that; I have the funds for it already in my hand to see if we can get her back online long enough to last until a BeastII is purchased. Then she can retire for good and be used as a backup machine when necessary. As before, I'm running on the inbuilt VGA drivers, so she's still functional enough I can get basic tasks done, but without her processing for OpenGL [​an essential part of Minecraft code], I can't access Minecraft.

    When I have a tinyart commission sheet set up, I'll add that in as well, but for now, I'm offering a 'Pay What You Want' drive on all my free downloadable maps! Our goal is 1400USD in order to buy the machine that will be BeastII and this goal covers not only the machine itself, but also any tax/shipping fees that go along with it. Since the BeastII is a slightly older machine from the new top-of-the-line models from the same company, it is of course cheaper, but it is still several generations newer than Beast [​a classic G73j prototype].

    The maps up for download are:

    Older Maps - AS A NOTE, these are before 1.13, so may or may not experience some pretty whack generation; I apologize in advance, but they are downloadable so go here anyway.

    -Mountain Tranquility Shrine
    -Equinox Point
    -Dream Cottage
    -Spyro2 Incomplete Summer Forest [​i know this one is particular due to map generation]
    -Spyro1 Incomplete Artisan Home
    -Bermuda the First
    -Bermuda MkII [​both bermudas react poorly with 1.13+, fair warning]

    1.13+ Maps
    -North Bend Tavern
    -The Edelweiss
    -Spring Fling 2019
    -Autumn Festival 2019

    If you like any of these and would like to help, you can donate directly to my KoFi and I will gladly keep you posted on developments! Even if you just want to donate without downloading, thank you so much, and I do approve of spreading the link around to get the word out.


    “I’ve never met a computer with a distinct personality before, much less one that’s afraid of seeing a doctor”

    An actual quote from the tech who saw Beast today, which is both hilarious and disheartening. At least to me, considering things.

    So the drivers are fine, the card is outwardly fine and attached to the motherboard as it should be. The problem lies in the fact that the innards of the card are twelve years old, have been pushed to the brink and back more than once over its lifetime, and are essentially worn out. So literally, the card is pretty much dead.

    In an amazing show of attempted loyalty, Beast basically hacked up her internal organs two months ago, said ‘I’m fine this is fine’, and stuffed them back in so well that it fooled the original hardware diagnostic scans when I sent her in for maintenance, and kinda just....
    hacked her way limping these last couple months.

    Unfortunately, she got caught today with her graphics card flickering in and out, so now we know the actual prognosis. Like damn, she was willing to go the distance here to keep running for me. Pour one out for this absolute monster, she really has earned that name.

    As before, the inbuilt VGA drivers work fine, so I’m not totally down a computer at all for the stuff I need for writing and talking to people. But any heavy gaming and digital art will not be happening until I can get BeastII in my hands and running. I’m going to try to see if I can finish this video I was working on for the YouTube channel and if I can, will be asking for some help there too.

    If you’d like to try helping, feel free to donate to the Ko-Fi link above, and soonish, I’ll have a pricing sheet for tinyart in case you want to buy some traditional art.



    After much heaving, hawing, and screaming into the void for help, we finally got Minecraft to work on Mom’s old Dell, which she is kindly lending me to get shit done for this whole thing.


    I’m opening the old Minimap Prompts for 10USD a map, where you give me a small prompt and I build a small map to go with it.

    I’m also working on other things for the more discerning palette, like stickers in the RedBubble shop for the cause of fundraising, but those will come up later.

    As always, the Ko-Fi has the full fundraising goal up, if you’d like to help!
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