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    I build using the good old-fashioned way of hand-placing blocks. I rarely use a map editor, only for custom terrain on the immense-scale builds, and I only use mods for personal building projects or in builds with my affiliated building team [so far as I know, none of them have a PMC account of their own]:

    If you like my maps, I am open for commissions; PM me for pricing.

    I don't make or use my own texture/resource packs, but I am very very fond of Thistlepack's Wolfhound sets and use them regularly for a variety of my maps. Check them out!


    ´╗┐Bermuda has her own Discord server!´╗┐ Feel free to come on in and learn about our iconic map and even join in the shenanigans by ´╗┐CLICKING THIS LINK!

    If you'd like to show support but can't/don't want to buy a premade or commission, I do have a Ko-Fi account! Click Ferris the Fox to learn more.kofibutton
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  • The Return of the Beast - Map Sale

    Beast has been seen to and the issue wasn’t as horrible as people were telling me it was.

    The old monster is still as solid as a rock in terms of hardware. Despite the symptoms, it turns out the drivers for the graphics card had corrupted, as well as the backup drivers I had, so regardless of changing anything out, it acted like the hardware was failing and fooled the diagnostics. Thankfully, the guy who serviced her found this out and fixed her right up. As promised, all donations made went to her maintenance and the precautionary checks turned up nothing wrong and nothing of concern; what was left was put toward replacing a pair of keys on her internal keyboard to keep the dirt out of the sockets, and since the touchpad is sketchy due to age, put toward buying a combination wireless external keyboard and mouse.

    A BIG thank you to everyone who passed the original notice around, as well as to those who donated to the cause, all promises were met! Therefore, I won’t regale people’s dashes with the plea from here on out.
    As thanks, I have a couple gifts; Dragonsong will be $15 for a while yet, with full customization available now that I can get into it, plus conversion to other versions if you need it. I’m going into the base map later to change all the lighting because beacons are horribly outdated and lanterns are prettier.

    The second gift will come later on, I need to get into it and finish off a few details, but it is a free download. So be prepared for that.

    And that is the news!
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