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    • Edalya
      March 1, 2019, 6:33 am to Public
      Due to multiple limitations for a few professions, as of now all professions are disabled. That being said, I'm still looking forward to these issues being resolved so I can jump back to the bandwagon and add those back. Fingers crossed!
    • Edalya
      February 17, 2019, 4:41 am to Public
      Happy valentine's day which was three days ago and I forgot to post and now it's here, everyone!

      On another note:
      There are still major issues with crafting related to player interactions with furnaces/brewing stands/etc.. that I'm still trying to find a sensible solution from a gameplay perspective, while as much as possible preserving the default Minecraft crafting methods to decrease the learning curve as much as possible.

      Updates haven't been exactly rapid, but I'm also looking for changes I can make to the existing implementation and even the datapack structure, for the sake of better navigation and comprehensibility. On top of that I'm trying to add documentation to wherever possible when I find the time to do it.
    • Edalya
      February 12, 2019, 3:29 am to Public

      I'm still looking into issues I've encountered with multiple professions that concerns possible item theft due to how the default minecraft crafting/looting mechanic is implemented. For more information and suggestion please refer to:
    • Edalya
      February 1, 2019, 1:22 pm to Public
      Hi there, dear lads!

      These past few days I've been doing some work to bring professions to the table for our map and I'm glad to say it not only has been a great time working on it but also that it's very close to being complete!
      I'm still going around and about balancing out the leveling of the profession skill, but the base idea is that by crafting known recipes, your proefssion level will increase and at certain thresholds you'll automatically learn new recipes and acquire the appropriate advancements.

      • Teaches players to smelt the ores they've mined into useful crafting reagents.A mining pickaxe can be bought from the trainer and can be used to gather resources without learning the profession, but you will not be able to smelt the ore.
      • Teaches players to craft dyes and other recipes. Using shears bought from the trainer players can harvest plants and craft them into useful reagents.
      • Teaches players to create simple foods such as bread and baked potatoes, as well as cooking simple and fine meats. Does not count towards the two professions cap.Cooks can use a campfire, a standard furnace or a smoker to create their feasts.
      • Teaches players to craft unique items such as gold apples and carrots and reagents required for crafting potions.
      • Teaches players to forge golden, iron and chainmail armor, leatherworking and craft a shield.Required to become a blacksmith.
      • Teaches players to forge golden and iron weaponry, carving from stone, and crafting wooden weapos including bows and arrows.Required to become a blacksmith.
      • Teaches players to craft weaponry and armor exclusive to this profession, unobtainable otherwise.To become a blacksmith, a players must have his Weaponsmith and Armorsmith skills at maximum level.

      Players can have up to two professions at once alongside cooking. Crafting recipes will increase the skill level and will earn you new, more powerful recipes to craft.
      Unlearning a profession will result in loosing all previously known recipes and skill level.
    • Edalya
      December 31, 2018, 8:53 pm to Public
      Happy new year! We hope the old year was great and we wish this year to be even better!
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