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    Hi, I'm Elemental Creation (formerly arceus_the). I like to play a lot of games, write stories, and some other stuff. I also do math for fun.

    I do have a twitch.tv channel which I stream on occasionally. Username is the_elemental_of_creation.

    If I say something that seems condescending, 99.9% of the time I am not doing so intentionally. If what I say falls into the .1% where I am being condescending, you will know without a doubt that that is what I am doing.

    ´╗┐Have any questions for me? Just send me a PM.

    Also, I sometimes just go on random reporting sprees where I will report hundreds of skins in a row. And yes, these skins all actually deserve to be reported.
    Writing policy

    I'm a pretty good writer according to a lot of people who have read some of my stories. I like to help people with story writing, and I usually do it for free, but sometimes I take on way to many "jobs" at once. During those times, the only way I can take on another project is if I am going to be paid for it. I'll try to keep part of my profile updated to reflect my status. Clear means that I can take on small projects for free if I want to, and busy means that I would have to be paid a little bit for my work. I wouldn't charge much, maybe just $5 if you think I did a good job.

    If you wish to contact me about writing something for you, please send me an email at [email protected]

    If you want some quick advice, I can usually do that even if I am busy with writing. And yes, this does include reading something you have written and giving my personal feedback on it.

    Writing status: Busy :(

    LMAO, I left the site for about a month and haven't even posted anything for about a year, and I recently went up two levels. I'm dying.
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