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    If anyone even reads this I play dragon mania legends. It's a really great game. It would help a lot if you entered my friend code in your game. I get special prizes if people use my code. My code is da2825. I of course will except anyone's requests.
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    I love ballet, horses, dragons, books, music, and nature. (well except for the bugs) I really love butterflies though.

    I've read every magic treehouse, a to z mysteries, calender mysteries, original Nancy drew, original hardy boys, wings of fire (except the new ones), land of stories, and I'm on the last book of Eragon.

    I can ride horses. I can walk, trot, and lope. I can even do barrels, poles, and even some competition riding. I've always wanted to try dressage. It's like ballet for horses. I don't have a horse of my own yet. I'm only 13 but I've been taking lessons.

    I'm all into dragons and other fantasy type things. I'm even into pokemon a little bit. I don't really play the video games or the card games, but I like the way some of them look and I enjoy the anime. I sing the pokemon theme song every time I hear it. Or I look it up on youtube. Or I just randomly burst out singing it.

    I do ballet classes. I've been doing them ever since I was 4. I'm getting pretty good. A few more years and I might be pointe. Right now I'm just classical ballet level 4. I have a recital coming up. My song is Hooked on Bach. It's a medley of some of the people's favorites of Bach's pieces. It's 7 and 1 half minutes long.

    I even do tae qwan doe. I'm an orange belt which isn't that far up but pretty good. I'm one of the most flexible ones there. I even have crush on a white belt boy. He's the only reason I want to go. <3

    I love music. I must have around 10 billion favorite songs. My favorite artists are Britt Nicole, The Newsboys, Mandisa, Hollyn, Jamie Grace, and a bunch of others. I can also play the guitar fairly well. I even sing not too bad too.

    I looooove nature. It's sooo pretty. No building or arcitechtual wonder could ever compare with the natural beauties of waterfalls, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, jungles, forests, and even plains.




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