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Jonathon Hills
Subscribers: 26,488
Videos: 206

The Buddhism Hotline is a sanctuary where children and family members can listen to a family friendly program about Buddhism to help teach the religion and convert you to the one true religion.
We stream on this Channel or at every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Twitter: Jonathon_Hills
Instagram: JonathonHills_
DISCLAIMER: Everything on this channel is purely for satire/entertainment purposes and is not to be taken seriously.

Latest videos

  • Sleeping Stream with (Text to Speech) - Jonathon Hills
    Jonathon Hills shows his Buddhist followers how to sleep like a Buddhist on stream while he has text to speech donations on hoping people donate relaxing sleeping sounds to help him sleep. Discord for...

    posted 06/19/2019 1:29 am

  • Buddhism Hotline - Abolish Father's Day
    Jonathon Hills denounces "Father's Day" claiming that Men do not deserve a day in their honor, and instead, there should be a Mother's Day 2. Jonathon's father Jerry pays Jonathon with an unexpected s...

    posted 06/16/2019 11:19 pm

  • Jonathon Hills and Ari Picnic Date
    Jonathon Hills and Ariana go on a Buddhism friendly Picnic session in nature while they attempt to convert callers to Buddhism and listen to peaceful Buddhist donations. Twitter for Program: Buddhism...

    posted 06/14/2019 6:11 pm

  • Buddhist Town Road - Jonathon Hills
    The Award Winning Author Jonathon Hills drops his single, "Buddhist Town Road" in an attempt to connect with young Buddhists across America in a hope to fit alongside their trendy new music to teach t...

    posted 06/13/2019 2:58 pm

  • Buddhism Hotline - Denouncing E3
    Jonathon denounces video games at E3 for encouraging Rape Culture, Violence, Sexism, Bigotry and Racism with co-host Brittany. Donation Link: Discord for Of...

    posted 06/12/2019 12:50 pm

  • Buddhist Comedy Show
    Jonathon Hills hosts a Buddhist Friendly Comedy Competition where contestants competed to say the most Buddhist & Kid Friendly Jokes. Ariana, Rajeev, Jerry, Wang, and Jonathon battle it out to become ...

    posted 06/14/2019 12:16 am

  • Buddhism Hotline - Buddhist Yoga Tutorial
    Jonathon Hills shows you how to perform Buddhist Friendly Yoga and Meditation techniques with special co-host Kent Kennedy. Donation Link: Discord for Offli...

    posted 06/10/2019 12:10 am

  • Buddha's Got Talent 2
    Jonathon Hills hosts his second Buddhist Talent show where competitors compete with their kid-friendly and Buddhism Friendly submissions. Jonathon will judge the winner, who will win? The Buddhism Hot...

    posted 06/07/2019 9:59 pm

  • Buddhism Hotline - Accepting the Gays
    Jonathon Hill's alongside his brother Amal, announces that he is now supporting the Gay community and the LGBTQ Plus community and will be celebrating gay pride month. Jonathon also reiterates he hims...

    posted 06/07/2019 2:43 am

  • Buddhelorette 2 - Can You Date Ariana?
    After Ariana's failed relationship from the last Buddhelorette, Jonathon decides its time once again to find Ariana a suitable Buddhist partner. The Buddhism Hotline is live every week on Tuesday, Th...

    posted 06/05/2019 12:27 am



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