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Star Worm Equestian Mod


Hello! I'm the animator and texture artist of this mod

We're upgrading horses in every way! We're adding a whole new model, coat colors, animations, tack, weapons, armor, progression, and decor. SWEM is being implemented in 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1 Being the core release with the model, animations, and tack.

  • Phase 2 Is an art release, adding more coats colors, genetics, more decor, etc.

  • Phase 3 Will come back around to the survival aspect with adding a dimension with magical beasts to tame, a set map to explore, and lore. Plus more but thats a secret. Its no fun if there's no surprises.

We are currently in development of Phase 1 (Art 95% done, dev 40%, animations 55%). ---We have a master list of carefully planned content if you have any questions.

Join our discord!
~~ We update our progress there and you can check our official faq ~~

Items/Blocks showcase

We are looking for:

Texture Artist - Horse coat colors, item variants, stable decor, etc. (We have 1 fantastic artist but the Phase 2 work is too much for one person).

Dev - Armor, weaponry, horse armor, doors and gates, leveling system, genetics, etc (We have a part-time dev now and a full-time looking to join in a few weeks). Besides the mod, we do need specific plug-ins made to service the accompanying server (stuff like permissions, admin levels, and mini-game accounting).

Animator - Animating the new horse model for walk, trot, canter, gallop, jump, rear, buck, flight states, idle, and idle variants - plus a couple player seating positions.

Payment: There is also a Patreon started so as the mod gains more notoriety we will be dividing that up to help support y'alls work for continued development.
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