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Fancy a cookie? I love cookies. And cats.

A little bit about me

My name is Evelyn, but you can call me Evi. I'm playing Minecraft for about four years now and during this time, I fell in love with building in this awesome game. No matter if it's a house, a castle, terraforming, organics, interior or exterior, modern, medieval or fantasy, with enough time I like to build everything. I'm sure I will present you a lot of my works in future, but please respect that I make time for building, so that I can play out my love for details and my imagination. Of course, I would really appreciate some feedback! And don't hesitate to send me a private message in case that you would like to talk about something, no matter what it is, I don't bite.

Me sitting in one of my modern houses

Other hobbies

Besides building and playing in Minecraft, I have a lot of other interests. My biggest of them is designing graphics - banners, avatars, logos, digital paintings/drawings, photomanipulations, illustrations, nearly everything you can think of. In my future I would like to work as a graphic designer, too.
I also like to draw, hear music, play other computer games, but more important: I like to photograph. Preferably the nature. The following might sound a bit crazy, but I feel like I have a "deep connection" to the animals and plants of our world, or in other words, like I would understand nature different to other people. Every tiny thing on this earth can be beautiful and fascinating and no matter if it's a plant or an animal and how big it is, it's incredibly detailed, so that it fits perfect to its environment. We should respect life and the beauty and uniqueness of our world.

Take a look at >my gallery< on deviantArt!

More coming soon...

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