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    • evome
      October 1, 2018, 10:37 am to Public
      I Love the Fall theme/Halloween theme it suits October :D
    • evome
      September 25, 2018, 2:33 am to Public
      I slowly think that the world is turning every day but theres no earth quake. -stupid me
    • evome
      September 19, 2018, 11:13 pm to Public
      Sometimes..i hate people..hey but its okay, its kinda normal when you get the hang of it. i mean when i see them most of the doesn't really hurt me a lot..lets say including a mod..they were kinda rude..lets see :p
    • evome
      September 16, 2018, 7:34 am to Public
      I'm gonna let most of ya'll know that i know that this site is for having so many creative things that i was too lazy to mention just now. i wanted to say my skins were actually for my own series..that i really wanna start doing soon..and uh..just to let you know who probably just found my skins and decided to just take them all for something they wanted for themselves. i want to let most of those people..know that i do not like it if someone uses it as their own. as if someone used it as their oc. like me i do that because i was in love with this skin. so decorated it for "myself" but..since i do like making skins i feel like my skins on my profile should be used as a npc or something different as a character. if it is not used as that..then..i might have to say something about that. do not take credit that "my" skins was made by you. please don't..anyways for those who read this are super amazing <3 love ya..
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    Well you might think that i'm new..well not really..i was into minecraft since 2013 including 2014 i forgot about it sometimes. but i used to play it on a Xbox 360. it was pretty cool to start with. even if i didn't have my own skin or my own server. and even if i couldn't buy the real minecraft all i had was a free trial..i would have fun in minecraft even if i had some time to play on it. i'd have to cancel what i did in the free trial. and because it was a free trial i only had some time to play it when i saw so many cool buildings in it and was so scared of a fake myth about

    "Hero brine" sounds dumb of me to believe that..but hey i was only 5..and i did meet a time..i met roblox in 2016..and i started to play it..and got so obsessed with it i actualy became a Roblox Animator i did get a few subscribers and now i have like 746..subscribers..surprised that i could do that from watching Youtube Videos and thats all i want to say. thank you..for reading- also Maiya is actually me..but the name is spelt a different name is Maya you are allowed to call me that..and uh if i said too much information about me i'm sorry-mods but anyways...i can't wait to be a minecraft youtuber too..make sure to send me a hugging emoticon_sorry mobiles.. ┑( ̄▽ ̄)┍ don't know what to say else..i guess thats my story to share now.
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