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    03/05/2017 1:57 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Timezone?:Eastern standard time
    Discord?:(If you have one)
    What rank are you applying for?:
    Have you donated to the server/Do you have rank?:Up to you
    Why do you wanna be staff on MinecraftGamerss?:If you want me to be honest i have alot of free time that i want to use up so i guess i can help a server out while using up my free time
    01/09/2017 12:18 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Hello add me on skype ExplodingMC12 i would be happy to look over your server for you for free i also have some friend that could help me advertise! we can discuss this on skype
    11/06/2015 8:42 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    My ign is:ExplodingPlayzMC
    My email is:akhachador@yahoo.com
    Why i like to test it?Well because its just fun overall playing with other people and if its a new server i can help you with it!
    07/06/2015 8:30 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    In-game username:ExplodingMC12
    Location and Timezone:Eastern
    How long have you been playing Minecraft:5 years
    How active are you on Skype:pretty active
    Previous experiences as a staff member:Mods,admin,co-owner,helper
    What makes you a worthwhile staff member:Well i just like to help people and you might say yea everyone says that but its true i do like to help people i also like to be nice to others
    Why we should choose you:im a kind and trusted person i never abuse my powers but i do like to have fun with them
    Perferred Position:mod or admin
    Extra comments(Optional):
    04/11/2015 10:59 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Age (please be honest):11

    Maturity (this is what matters):7/10

    Skype (required):Guude111

    Skills:im best at worldedit and i undersand alot of plugins

    Do you have a fanbase of more than 400 people?(youtube, twitter, facebook, ect. Not needed):No

    If a hacker (or a dumb 9 year old) came on the server and threatened to destroy everything, what would you do?:First of all i would give him a warning if he dosent listen i would mute or jail him after that if he keeps doing it i would temp ban him

    If someone spammed something or advertised their server, what would you do?:I would give them a warning to stop if they dont i would mute them if they kept doing it i would temp ban

    Do you have an intermediate knowledge on plugins?:yes ik how to use alot of plugins just not make them
    04/09/2015 2:09 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Come to spineshank because first of all there owner is one of the best out there hes nice kind and he pretty funny most of the time hes helping the server but other times hes playing with people and helping them out and also wd-wold domination is a really fun game i play it alot of times and its fun theres 2 diamond pockets in wd that you can capture and it refreshes every week so you can get a bunch of diamonds every week and make money out of and pvp others and when you kill someone you got the money also the owner may be serious at times so you better be careful the owners name is Stoniasawsome it might some weird but its pretty cool i like the server because of its players also you make friends easily and dont fight alot i made alot of friends since ive joined the server and im happy for that also ive got in alot of trouble lol and if you get staff congratz and if you do something bad and get demoted dont be sad just believe that you can earn it again and go up the ranks for ex WhippetWolf and SheedoPlayz there my friends they have mod your wondering they just prob asked for it no!They worked hard and earned it thats how you get stuff by working hard and having friends dont be a jerk and start trolling people like me lol i use to do that but now that i think about it its pretty mean how would you feel if someone kept killing you and taking your stuff and destroying your house yea you would be pretty mad annoyed so just dont be a jerk overall i really love the server and enjoy it thats how you should be too enjoy how you play it and have fun like all the others in the server and if you wanna get staff earn it! by working hard and being active everyday its okay if you cant at times because not everyone has the time to be on but just remember this spineshank is one of the best server!!

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