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    she/her the sun gemini

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    I'm really lazy but I promise I do make skins.
    Sure, I might put out one every two months but they're still there, okay?

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    Fawne xx
    Nera xx
    Aria xx

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    • Fawne shared CaelChan's post
      July 10, 2020, 11:08 pm with Public
      July 10, 2020, 10:52 pm to Public

      KIRIGIRI is 15 away from 1,000 subscribers!!!!
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    • Fawne
      July 10, 2020, 6:47 pm to Public
      hey just wanna say that if you have no desire to support and understand others, you don't really deserve those things for yourself & you shouldn't expect people to just give them to you.

      adding on to this: if you have a "friend" that's like that, you don't have to keep going down a one way street. you deserve respect too.
    • Fawne
      July 9, 2020, 8:13 pm to Public
      when i was in grade 5, we read an article as a class that was about how a certain amount of bugs are allowed in canned foods. the article was about tomato soup specifically. ever since then i've had irrational fear of tomato based soups and i feel ill just from looking at them
      .... .... .. ... . . ... ... . ... ..... .... ... .... .... .....
      Fawne replied to rosebuds's comment below 2020-07-09 20:23:14
      i don't hate tomatoes, & they aren't my favorite either but man just the idea that you could bite down on a grub with no warning because tomato soup is more opaque makes me want to vom
      rosebuds said 2020-07-09 20:19:16
      thank god i for some reason hate everything with tomatoes :)
    • Fawne
      July 5, 2020, 8:17 pm to Public
      i'm jumping on this trend too so
      credits to JessaMoon & mellieee_ (go ask them questions too)

      also some of these i won't answer so don't get your hopes up, i'm too lazy to mark them out

      Outlandish replied to Fawne's comment below 2020-07-07 13:34:22
      Oh same I'm allergic to some weird stuff. I'm allergic to Carrots and COCKROACHES? I don't wanna know how the doctors figured that out in the scratch test XD And then I have this thing where the protein in certain fruits mimick the pollen from birch so my body thinks I'm eating trees and freaks out sooooo

      that's nice XD But just know I feel your pain with the random allergies
      Fawne replied to partyweevil's comment below 2020-07-06 14:47:16
      yes i'm a big believer in ghosts but it's not really the conventional "these are the souls of the deceased that are trapped on earth" ghost.
      i believe ghosts could either be 1. the memories of the energy we leave behind
      2. a rare moment where alternate realities merge together for a second
      (like if you're going through a door in an alternate reality, the door will open and close in your true reality)

      sorry for the long answer lol but yeah i've had paranormal experiences and i have a lot of curiosity toward them as well so i've thought about this lots
      partyweevil said 2020-07-05 23:47:54
      hehe 1-4 heehee
      jk, actually I would like to hear about 14
      Fawne replied to Whiteout-'s comment below 2020-07-05 20:45:07
      i think we can all relate to that :,-))
      Fawne replied to FishyBusiness's comment below 2020-07-05 20:44:32
      my nickname is sun!
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    • Fawne
      July 1, 2020, 3:13 pm to Public
      reasons why i'm team dawn

      1. i'm sun
      2. dawn rhymes with fawne
      Phosphor said 2020-07-01 15:54:35
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