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    My name is Nicole, i'm 17 years old.

    My hobbies are: meeting up with friends, playing Videogames, making skins, watching Anime and reading books (yes, i'm a nerd)

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    Reason for skinning: Welp, as i was 12 years old i decided that i want to make my own skins instead of downloading the skins from other people and then i joined Planetminecraft last year. I really do enjoy making those skins, not only for you, but also for me.

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    Do you take Requests?: Yes, i take Requests, 2 Requests in a month :) Just ask me per pm and send me a pic or drawing of the Character you want to be made from me. ;P

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    How do you act around Haters?: I tell them if that what they say is wrong or right, i'm not flipping out just because someone doesn't like my work or just doesn't like me. I will respectly say, what they say isn't going to work on me, like : "Kys" or "That is the worst skin i've ever seen in my entire life.", that just makes me know that they're very immature and probably just want to troll on the internet, like the others in this Generation. :)

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    More About Me: I live in a big village, i have a younger sister and a younger brother, i have 7 (!) dogs or how i like to call them, puppies. :) My favourite color is red, but i also love the color blue and black. I play guitar, keyboard and also a flute. I really love to sing, so i joined a choir. I never learned for school, but always used to get really good grades, my nickname in school was "Nikky" or "Nerd". Once i was listening to the news on the radio and my mom made me notice that they actually were speaking in russian while i thought they were speaking in german (xD). Now the thing i tell you might sound unbelievable and kinda impossible but it's true :
    I can see, speak and hear Ghosts and Demons, i'm definitely not trolling or lying. And stop saying that everyone who has that is just crazy.... I really hate that
    If i don't get atleast 5 hours of music i can be really mean towards people that just asked normal questions, so if i'm mean for no reason (I think i wouldn't even log in then) then don't take it serious. :)

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