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  • SushiKay
    October 24, 2020, 10:58 pm to Public
    that moment when you catch your reflection on your pc from a black image and suddenly you're horrified
  • Kirigiri
    October 24, 2020, 10:03 pm to Public
    Ladvi said 2020-10-24 22:42:46
    This scares me. Who could've done this, what sort of mad scientist did this.
    Kirigiri replied to Yeerbles's comment below 2020-10-24 22:11:43
    you should see what else I found while browsing pinterest

    it wasn't drugs though sorry XD
    Yeerbles replied to Kirigiri's comment below 2020-10-24 22:10:44
    whoever made it clearly had some kind of drug going on in their system
    what said drug was i really want to know
    Kirigiri replied to Yeerbles's comment below 2020-10-24 22:08:55
    it really is XD
    Yeerbles said 2020-10-24 22:06:51
    the english language is the most cursed thing i have ever seen
  • Spooky, Scary, Skeletons
    Minecraft Skin
    LeCollecteur 10/24/2020
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  • ChatieTheDragon
    October 23, 2020, 3:32 pm to Public
    my neighbors are moving and that means Sunny is moving ;-; she is so friendly and I will miss herrrr <3

    The FaiyaBLAST said 2020-10-23 23:05:33
    kxtxx said 2020-10-23 15:38:14
    Spookly Cow said 2020-10-23 15:37:54
    catnapping time
  • Community Event Calendarcalendar_today
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    DinowCookie started 07/31/2018 10:58 am
    SinisterOutKasT replied 10/23/2020 9:23 am
  • BIO shared 500poundsofnothing's post
    October 22, 2020, 7:01 pm with Public
    October 22, 2020, 6:54 pm to Public
    Not to get political or anything but How can I help it if I think you're funny when you're mad?
    Trying hard not to smile, though I feel bad
    I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
    Can't understand what I mean? Well, you soon will
    I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve
    I have a history of taking off my shirt
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  • 🌠 Sannomaru [OC] 🌠
    Minecraft Skin
    Kirigiri 10/21/2020
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  • Planet Minecraft Interviews CaraRose
    Interview Blog
    PMC 10/21/2020
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  • Kirigiri shared Kaos_Kitten's post
    October 21, 2020, 8:18 am with Public
    October 21, 2020, 7:28 am to Public
    Daily reminder that what you say affects people.

    I dont care what you do for a living, or why you feel the need to mention someone weight, but please just don't.

    You never know how hard someone may try to stay healthy, you never know their conditions and daily life; and saying something about something you know nothing about hurts people.

    Take care of yourselves, but take care of others.
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    Kaos_Kitten said 2020-10-21 08:59:20
    Thanks for sharing <33
  • Naimarra
    October 20, 2020, 9:25 am to Public
    some art of my ocs with pinterest inspired outfits :] ✨
    Wildcard_Gamer said 2020-10-20 13:16:20
    omg you draw so goooood
    The FaiyaBLAST replied to Naimarra's comment below 2020-10-20 11:49:34
    oh lol
    sorry for mistaking your gender Azga!
    Kaos_Kitten said 2020-10-20 11:12:02
    these are all absolutely stunning!!
    Culpeo said 2020-10-20 10:58:29
    I love this style, nice.
    Naimarra replied to The FaiyaBLAST's comment below 2020-10-20 10:39:51
    tyvm!! the purple-haired one is indeed a demon, but a demon lady! her name is Azga :]
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  • ChatieTheDragon
    October 19, 2020, 1:49 pm to Public
    Just got a notification that I got a trophy for attending movie night... which I already have. It looks like this in my trophy case:

    (no, it’s not one of the other movie nights, those are still there) does anyone else have this?
    ChatieTheDragon replied to Cyprezz's comment below 2020-10-19 13:57:13
    Ok 😂 that’s what I figured!
    Cyprezz said 2020-10-19 13:56:05
    Yeah I made an oops and then I fixed.
    PickleCat said 2020-10-19 13:55:06
    yeah same i was about to make a wall post about it too lol
    JessaMoon said 2020-10-19 13:54:14
    I just had that and now it has vanished XD x
    Nitgo said 2020-10-19 13:52:34
    The alien was making a clone, as alien do
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  • Kirigiri shared JessaMoon's post
    October 19, 2020, 11:31 am with Public
    to add to JessaMoon's brilliant points, the mayor of london has spent four years failing to show any leadership, we've seen knife crime rise to historically high rates, Sadiq Khan's response to high knife crime rate was to do absolutely nothing.

    and transport for london being bullied into extending the congestion charge so tories can line their pockets with the money of people who actually worked hard to get where they are. one minute we're being told it's safe to go on the tube and the trains the next it's GET OFF THE TRAINS YOU'RE ALL GOING TO GET CORONAVIRUS AND DIE!

    one minute sadiq Khan is attacking the government for not introducing a 10pm curfew but as soon as it turns out to be a bad idea he's totally against it.

    NHS workers Have not been able to get tests while the royal family and other celebrities and rich people were able to get tests as easy as snapping your fingers. This virus has been the survival of the richest from the start and the government isn't even trying to cover it up.

    I stand with jessa in saying The NHS workers need a rise more than the privileged elite do, the conservatives can fall back on daddys money but the regular people can't!

    October 19, 2020, 10:41 am to Public
    I think I have mentioned this before but I must say this NOW-

    In my country (England- if you are unaware I live in the UK so I am British) Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Police, Fireservice, Paramedics, GP's and basically anyone working within the NHS (National Healthcare Service) and the emergency lines DO NOT get paide enough for what they endure.

    They work tirelessly day and night to provide a safer world for us by dealing with crime, fires, accidents, injuries and attacks through their lives to be paid barely anything for their heroism. They do this for the love and care of others be them strangers, friends or foes. No matter what they will fight and risk their lives for us and get paid the lowest income.

    They struggle everday and even have lovers, families and children to which they barely see and when they do they return tired and with little money. Most struggle to even pay bills or afford the basics of food and living.

    Why is that? Why do we watch those that serve to aid and protect us suffer from stress, depression, scarring events and no stability? For them to be so down with everything they take their own lives because they have little support?!

    The reason I wanted to say this is because being in the position we all are with Covid-19, I try my best to show gratitude for what everyone does for the sake of society. And so does my family that is how we were raised and I think everbody should be raised to be grateful of not just what they have in life but with what others do for everybody's welfare.

    All these people- especially the NHS in this dire pandemic- have battled to save lives and even died themeselves to help us all. And yet when the public asked the Government themeselves if they would raise their salary they shun their own citizens and would rather use that money selfishly for themeselves?! And I was even discussing this with Kirigiri and she even stated a valid point that the Government is "keep giving themselves raises and the nhs are being fed on what claps?" and she is right! All we have fed them on is Claps and banging pots outside to 'make noise for the NHS'.

    Now I don't wish to get political however I will say this:
    After Covid ends, I demand there to be a raise in their salaries, extra support for their welfare and mental/emotional stability, appreciation and respect & some way to celebrate what they do as well as memorials for those who have died fighting to save others.
    They deserve the acknowledgement of what they done everday to benefit us.
    And if there is not by the time this Pandemic is over with I will openly go to London myself and start something I kid you not because they do not deserve to suffer and have suffered enough! So stop up the greed and give them what they deserve.

    And this may be what should be done for other countries too.

    And for those who thought this was too long-
    TLDR: Enough isn't done for emergency service workers and their should be a way to support them, appreciate them, remember the fallen and be a significant pay rise for what they endure- and the devastating effects they are put through.

    Thank you if you read all of this, and thank you even if you just acknowledged this x
    Now can we all do something for others the same way they do for us? x
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  • ‎️‍🔥 Wyld Fire [oc] ‎️‍🔥
    Minecraft Skin
    Kirigiri 10/18/2020
    334 30 7
  • Kirigiri
    October 18, 2020, 1:54 pm to Public
    I may never be able to give any of you a hug in real life, but just so you know your feelings are not invalid, it's impossible to be happy all the time and I doubt i'd be able to solve all your problems but if you ever need me, i will be there to give you a virtual hug
    dreqmcatcher replied to Kirigiri's comment below 2020-10-18 18:22:48
    thank you-
    Kirigiri replied to dreqmcatcher's comment below 2020-10-18 17:28:44
    dreqmcatcher said 2020-10-18 17:08:03
    give me that hug please
  • ChatieTheDragon
    October 17, 2020, 7:21 pm to Public

    luckily i made it for the last half hour of movie night but if anyone is willing can you give a brief summary of the first hourish? So it makes sense lol

    but it was really fun! I’m excited for the next movie night!!
    ChatieTheDragon replied to Chiaroscuro's comment below 2020-10-17 21:10:42
    Thank you! <3
    Chiaroscuro said 2020-10-17 19:31:04
    Well, the main character was at work when he came across a zombie, after which he ran but fell in a hole. He woke up in a stranger's home, after which he spent a lot of time exploring and running from zombies. He was at one point in a prison, in a library, and in the secret lab where he found the secret zombie cow bear that the scientists had created.

    Some dialogue highlights:

    "AaaaaaAAAAAAAaaa aaaa"
    "Hyaah, aaaa"
    "I love chests!"
  • 🌍 The PMC Weekly October 17th, 2020chrome_reader_mode
    7 replies659 views PMC News
    PMC started 10/17/2020 11:41 am
    Dreamstate replied 10/17/2020 5:21 pm
  • PMC
    October 17, 2020, 5:15 pm to Public
    Hello everyone! We're in Channel 6 of PMCTV settling in for tonight's film! Approximately 45 minutes until show time! Hope to see you there!

    TONIGHT's Featured Film is:
    MY UNDEAD CITY by StingrayProductions | live_tv
    Run Time - 1 hour 19 minutes

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: IF AT ANY TIME if you skip ahead/behind in the movie, you will no longer be watching "with" everyone. You will be viewing it by yourself. If you happen to skip ahead/behind, Click the "Watch" button located above the chatbox. This will bring you back to Live-view mode, and you'll be watching with everyone again. Yay!

  • 🌹 Rose Witch [OC] 🌹
    Minecraft Skin
    Kirigiri 10/17/2020
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  • Kirigiri
    October 16, 2020, 12:05 pm to Public
    I realize i forgot to make a joke about being a level 69 high grandmaster princess so yeah, i'm a level 69 high grandmaster princess hehehe he he ... BOW BEFORE YOUR FUTURE QUEEN MORTALS and bowman

    Kirigiri replied to _Phrozenbit_'s comment below 2020-10-16 13:24:03
    I don't plan on retiring anytime soon lmaoo
    _Phrozenbit_ said 2020-10-16 12:48:50
    *wondering what the retirement level is on PMC* :D
  • Planet Minecraft Interviews Caelchan
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    PMC 10/15/2020
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