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    • FuenteA0Ne
      October 23, 2019, 9:02 am to Public
      Hello! I am a new member here! My Topic is Helping sever

      The story begins with, I am a sever staff Rank MODBuilder I am working for the sever Around 1-2 year, I can say that I am royal to Thesever And One day... The sever start to have a Critical condition Is the player Decreasing And after An Old owner (LABBE) can not Keep the sever running He decides to transfer To Keep the sever as a legacy Also know as

      TERRAMINIG sever When The Labbe left His legacy to The new owner (JAFFAKREE) And The sever was Running very Good but... That not for long... After may 2019 player starting to decrease again Or it's gonna be like Labbe sever?? I Don't want to let it happen We KingdomsmineMC need more Knowledge about that, to grow the sever To great again!
      Each staff work on Different site I am hopefully The planet MC community Member can bring us help Or important Knowledge to Bringback Our Golden age Thank you!
      Nitgo said 2019-10-23 09:14:02
      Welcome to PMC, enjoy your stay!
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