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    It is I, GamerAzelta!
    (Rip Background Banner Quality)
    I just kind of, exist here.
    Anywho this thing is about me! So, let's begin

    Pronouns: She/Her/They, etc.

    Age: 14, (no longer a youngling)

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    Favorite Color

    Favorite Game
    M I N E C R A F T

    Favorite Minecraft Mob
    If it wasn't obvious enough, I like Endermen, and basically any sort of End Minecraft mob really :3

    Lil' Hobbies
    I like to make art in my spare time, though, I'm not the best. I'm getting better 8)


    Contests: Open

    Requests: Eh, maybe?

    Collabs: N o .

    Trades: Na Na!

    Extra Things I Randomly Wanted to Add

    gIvE mE tImE

    What Kind of Art Do I Make?
    Well, I'm not very good at drawing people, though I'm trying. I typically make objects, or these kind of Monster like drawings. Recently I got a Drawing Pad, so. Now I'm drawing digitally instead of paper (Which honestly is pretty awesome, since, l a y e r s a r e g r e a t ) So, I mostly use Pixlart, because I don't really have another drawing software other than Microsoft Paint, but- who wants to use T H A T. So, ye.

    My Message To You
    Have a nice day, and never give up! :)

    None of the Art seen on the Widgets is mine :)
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    Art In General
    Still nothing ._.


    Games I Play
    • Minecraft: GamerAzelta
    • Among Us: GamerAzelta
    • Geometry Dash: GamerAzelta

    My Discord

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    •  avatar
      January 27, 2022, 6:10 pm to Public
      Ayo, I am in need of assistance

      I'm trying to make a moon texture for my pack, but it wont apply. Like, it just stays as the default moon.

      I have it as the right format, proportions, name, everything, I have no clue as to why it's not working :'D
      I even tried replacing this texture on a different pack to see if it would work, but it didn't.

      here's the image if anyone could help
      MoonAstraea said 2022-01-27 19:50:13
      Maybe try searching and/or asking on reddit? I think I've seen something like that there before, but I can't exactly remember.
      FishStacks said 2022-01-27 18:54:47
      im no help as ive never messed with the moon, sorry
    •  avatar
      January 23, 2022, 3:22 pm to Public
      I've come from 6ft below to tell you that I have started making a texture pack!

      A list of things I've made thus far:

      dyes (which are animated)
      and a painting

      not a very special list, but there will be more, I swear

      alright, time to return to my coffin
    •  avatar
      November 23, 2021, 7:10 pm to Public
      Ever just wake up one day and decide:

      "Hey, Imma make a harpy alphabet today!"
    •  avatar
      November 20, 2021, 12:32 am to Public
      Ayo, this is totally random, but if yall are interested in watching speed paints, or artists ig.
      Here's an artist that I really like, and enjoy :D

      Neytirix - YouTube
    •  avatar
      November 4, 2021, 2:20 pm to Public
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    This is something I'll update every once in a while, as the Timeline is still a work in progress. Thank you! :D

    Beginning (It's hard to see, just click here xD)

    First, the beginning. It was all just a black void, not even black, just nothing. Not even a void, just nothingness. No air, no space, nothing.

    Then, that nothing had then created the Six Ethereals. Now, there was something, it was no longer nothing. Though the Etherals were nothing themselves, they had no vessel. No figure, they themselves were nothing. So, they created something. A body, a figure to be called by.

    They tried many things, though. There was nothing. There was nothing to give them ideas, nothing existed, therefore, there was no thought to come by.

    Then they came up with somethings. Ideas were born, shapes of the Etherals were made, colors were created, it was no longer nothing. Then they gave names to themselves.

    The First Ethereal, Zephys

    Whom took the form of a being with four, feathery wings, and a long, pointy beak. Talons as sharp as daggers, eyes as round and shiny as pearls, and a gold, feathery tail with intricate patterns that fan’s out from the rear.

    The Second Ethereal, Vividus

    Vividus made the vessel of a four-legged animal with hooves, made out of pure light blue mist and magic. The creature had horns aiming upwards, which split off to smaller horns. It had a small, round tail at the rear, and in the front was a head with a muzzle, and a small nose at the tip. Along with large ears on the sides of its head underneath the horns.

    The Third, Necos and

    Necos made a dark colored quadruped that had claws on its feet. with black fur, that had a muzzle with sharp teeth on the front. Along with pointy ears on the top of it’s head. On the back was a black, fluffy tail that curled up, in between the bottom and the top of the curled tail was a white glowy orb.

    The Fourth Ethereal, Mentos

    Mentos created another quadruped, with a large, tough shell on its back that had a large hole in it, which held a gold rimmed circular object which had a long line, and a shorter line and the inside was protected by glass. With a slightly flabby neck with a mouth that has no teeth. Along with black eyes placed on the sides of it’s head. At the rear was also a small tail.

    Though later on, Darya and Mentos argued over what the vessel belonged to, Darya laid claim to the vessel, saying it was hers instead. After what seemed like ages of arguing, Vividus silenced the two. Saying that the vessels belong to whom created them.

    The Fifth Ethereal, Agnimitra

    Agnimitra had a hard time trying to come up with a vessel for her to be placed in, so Zephys came to help, and Zephys came up with a vessel that Agnimitra agreed with.

    It was a large creature made from flame and feathers, with a beak that curved down sharply. It also had white glowing eyes, each and every feather was set ablaze, never burning out. It had two fiery wings that brought light to the nothingness wherever she had gone.

    And lastly the Sixth Ethereal, Darya

    Darya took the form of a creature with eight limbs which Darya later called tentacles, each wearing a bracelet with white, glittery gemstones. blue, moist skin, and a round, oval-ish head, with eight eyes placed all around. Each of them with black tear shaped markings underneath.

    Did you like it so far?
    I will write more soon I promise eeee
    View View Full Thread for the poll.
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