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    • GoAfterIt
      July 5, 2018, 3:27 am to Public
      The previous server is no more. I have left to commit to a new project, a new and better server for all to join, since the previous owner did NOT want to delete my builds, I have Moved them to a server everyone can be a part of.
    • GoAfterIt
      June 5, 2018, 11:51 pm to Public
      Its been a while, but im coming back peeps.

      just has been a long couple of months tbh.
    • GoAfterIt
      February 26, 2018, 7:19 pm to Public
      Anyone remember the game Disaster report for ps2?
    • GoAfterIt
      February 11, 2018, 5:14 am to Public
      Working on a restoration project of my island city that features a space elevator! Check in to keep up to date!
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  • \\*Welcome To the Begining of the world *//

    Hey visitors, Im GoAfterIt. I design Futuristic builds, featuring Builds from halo, fan submissions or personally my own concepts. The previous server is no more. I, will create the server along with everyone who is willing to join. Everything I built, I still have, but the previous server owner refuses to delete my builds.
    Wanting to visit?

    It will come around soon. As I am still creating the entirety of the island/continent.

    Wanting to build?

    Make sure to contact me about the future server. You'll start out as a visitor if you are just wanting a look around. If you'd like to build, you will be made into a Citizen that can actually WORK as a citizen. The server will promote future ranking.

    Wanting something built but don't have Minecraft?

    You are always able to send me submissions of stuff you want to see built through my discord link. You will be credited for the design, and be featured on my profile! It may take some time to get it on point, but not to worry, it will be completed! If you happen to get Minecraft and want to join up, you're always welcomed.

    • Is there a discord group I can join ?
    Yes, But there will be some guidelines to follow, so just contact me.
    • How about ships or houses?
    Actually you can, ill just have to show you where to build and the requirements for that plot at that location.
    • When can I start building?
    Once I get the server up and running.
    • WIll I be able to get any help, and are there competitions?
    Of course we will be able to help. If you need feedback, constructive criticism or just help with some commands, just let me or anyone else on the server know! Also, we will from time to time hold competitions to see who can come up with the best original idea for a build. Whoever wins gets to create a centerpiece and will be featured on this page!
    • Stuck in flatworld?
    Nope, not anymore. I will be creating a custom map for different biomes. As soon as the majority of the island is done, We will expand to the end with polling ideas from anyone.

    *Always remember*

    This future server is about fun, realisim and creativity. NO GRIEFING ALLOWED. To all who do so, or destroy anyone's builds will be banned or from any admin that deems otherwise. So please, don't be an ass :P.

    If you have any other q&a's just lemme know!
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