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    11/14/2012 2:21 pm
    Level 16 : Journeyman Dragonborn
    App: add for ur server
    Ign:godihateyou(i DOnt Hate God)
    What position are you applying for:everything
    SKYPE:godihateyou(add THe one Whit The Nick Chauncysno
    Why you:because iam a good mod-admin or somthing els
    why can I trust you:u can trust me because iam smart and dont grief or bann whit no reason
    1-10 quesions:
    building skills:9-10
    redstoneskills:iam not realy good whit redstone a little 5-10
    plugin skills:iam good whit every plugins
    permissions skills:U can give me permissions to everthing because iam in it brp
    back to normal:
    what can you help with:i can help u whit everything u wANT iam can do everything
    will you respect everyone:no i only respect normal players and grieferf i dont respect for what the do
    why do I need you:because iam funny nice whit building and listing to all rules
    been staff on other servers:15
    can you prove that you are staff on those servers(will help you get accepted):well i can get my friend but i cant prove because i lost all my servers and so i dont play alot on every server but i can get a friend that was a owner of server
    How much can you be on daily:5 hours or more
    have you ever been banned before:1(but that was because it was a fake alarm the though i griefit there spawn but was another guy
    something about your self:iam playing sockeer minecraft Trickster online tf2 and steam and maybe iam gonna do youtube vids
    extra(please say something here)i never abuse live in netherlands
    and i hope u accept me

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