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      Last updated 06/24/19
      Posted 02/05/2019
      by Goldenphelix
      Game Version: Minecraft 1.14
      Game Version: Minecraft 1.14
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      Minecraft Server
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    Hiya! My ign is Goldenphelix (As you can see! ahah!)
    I'm from New Zealand and I own a lgbtq+ friendly server!

    I've had over 5 years experience running servers, configuring plugins and other stuff, building spawns and I love it!

    I first discovered Minecraft late one night when I asked why my cousin was always playing that block game on the xbox!

    So he showed me the basics and it was amazing!

    Little did I know that I would fall in love that night, and I did, I was inseparable!

    I played minecraft on the xbox for about a year building huge extravagant houses and buildings until I discovered that it was available for PC!

    And then that was when I discovered what a multiplayer server was, and boy, it was crazy and confusing as heck! I'd never seen so many people in a spawn before and I LOVED it!

    I jumped around from server to server building my own little community of friends and gaining some irl friends along the way! At one point I joined a new server that had just been griefed majorly at spawn, and I asked if I could help rebuild! (Because I'm nice haha)

    The owner said sure and moved me and another player that was keen to help to builder! And I discovered new commands and amazing things with that rank and I fell in love with everything all over again!

    Flash forward 4ish years, I've been so many staff ranks it's hard to even comprehend, but I am still going hard out and I'm still DEEPLY in love with Minecraft and everything it represents!

    I hope this is a little intro that will help out getting to know me haha!

    Feel free to ask me anything in-game if you see me somewhere or send me a msg on here!

    Have a great day! Thanks for reading!
    <3 ~Goldenphelix

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