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I am back from my planned hiatus! Once again, I am very sorry for the delay of this chapter. Hours upon hours of SOL testing really took up a lot of time, and on top of that, I accidently created the roleplay when testing the name of this chapter. The lore kinda wrote itself while I was doing my math SOL, and I really love the way the lore ended up. The new backrooms lore IS canon, and you voters can now have houses. I must say, this isn't one of my favorites lol.
Thank you, viewers, voters, and all who read this and voted.
Welcome back to the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy.

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  • You know the rules of BENT.

  • And so do I
  • A full commitment's what I'm thinking of...
  • You thought I was going to say something else here. Admit it XD

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Here are the contestants
List of Contestants
Team #1: Alleviation
- Allay
- Copper Golem
- Glare
- Axolotl

- Cow
- Mooshroom
- Warden

Team #2: mångfald
- Pillager
- Vindicator
- Evoker
- Iron Golem
- Bee

- Enderman
- Piglin

- Tadpole
- Vex
- Piglin Brute
- Goat
- Glow Squid
- Ravager
- Illusioner
- Frog
- Wandering Trader
- Hoglin
- Phantom
- Villager
- Iceologer
- Moobloom
- Cat
- Wolf

Piglin Brute and Illusioner sit in the cafe of the elimination dorm.
"Wasn't Allay supposed to make our food today? And like this whole week for that matter? Why's she slacking on us? I can't stand this stupid food here anymore! The waffles are soggy, the eggs are dry, and the bacon is soft! Like, who even likes soggy bacon?!" Illusioner rants.

"I guess Allay must really hate us. You shouldn'tve treated her like that!~" Piglin Brute replies.
Iceologer chimes in. "Hey, you two aren't the only ones being punished! She didn't bring me food either. She must be sick of us..."
Suddenly, Phantom flies over and adds her input. "All three of you guys are WRONG. Allay is NOT punishing anybody. Do you guys really want to know what potentially sculk-corrupted food tastes like? Me neither."
"So, what are you trying to imply here you night-loving fool?" Illusioner shouts.
"I'm trying to tell you guys that Allay didn't not make your food as a form of passive-aggressive revenge, but because she's in the hospital right now. She's sick. Deal with it, because the animals are eating the food here just fine. Any food good enough for Hoglin is good enough for you Ilusioner. Or vice versa...." Phantom replies. She flies away and as they do so, she mumbles something to herself: "You guys are all idiots,".
"Hey!! Don't think I didn't hear you!" Illusioiner calls, chasing after Phantom.
"Hey, hey! Calm down!" Phantom replies, dive-bombing him.

After the incident had been settled, Piglin Brute sits down with Illusioner in the area's game room. The couches are dirty and the games are all outdated.
"So, you want to play this laggy bootleg smash bros game? Or this even laggier bootleg Tetris game?" Illusioener asks.

"Nope. I have just as much interest in these crappy games as you do, which is ZERO!" Piglin Brute responds.
"So, what do we do? Just sit here?"
"Yes, I guess. Also, why did you get involved with my sister? Did you tell her to kill Allay?"
"Uh, no???""
A guard walks in and alerts them.

"Hey guys, break time is over. Time to do uh... what was it today? Oh yeah. Right. Time to do a geometry class."
"Why are we doing this?????!!" Piglin Brute complains.
"Deal with it. Things have always been this way," the guard replies.

Hello and welcome back to the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. As you can tell, I am finished with my long testing session, so we can finally get back to the game! Ordinarily, I'd start off with the elimination, but today, I have something more important to announce before we start.
So, some of you might be aware that on the 17th, one of the voters suddenly disappeared. Not long after, another followed, and soon enough, eight of the voters had gone missing. After I heard of this, I had to balance my time between my testing, which I did from here, and trying to investigate the situation. As it turns out, the voters had somehow been transported to a subsection that is connected to the Deepslate Primary School that Alleviation fought their hollows in a little bit ago. I still don't know how they got there, but rest assured - the voters were quickly rescued and I want them to stay in the Kiruna Campus Medical Centre for the week. I am well aware of the detrimental health effects prolonged exposure to sculk can have on one's health, so I want them to be under our observation for the time being. We also happened to find Moobloom. Luckily, she wasn't in that complex, but rather she was sitting in a meadow by the elimination dorm. How'd we never notice her? Eh. She can just stay out there, after all, she does seem happier outside. Also, Allay is unable to make it here today because she's in the hospital as well. With that being said, some of our voters are in pretty bad condition, so we'll be broadcasting this and the rejoin auditions to the hospital.

Putting that important information out of the way, let's get onto the elimination. Today, we got 24 votes. It's quite disappointing, but at least I got some 'enjoyment' out of studying those stupid Mutated Wardens that hurt the voters and Allay. Copper Golem looks up.
"She's going to be alright? Right?" he asks with a tone of concern.
Glare flies closer to him. "They said she was getting better..."
Yes. I've already said several times that Allay is going to be just fine. In fact, she should be getting out of the hospital tonight.

Time to start the elimination for real.

So, I already said that we got 24 votes, which means that the vote count went down. Anyways, if you are safe, you will get a fidget spinner. If you are not safe, you get eliminated. Let's see who is safe today!
The first ones safe today are Evoker and Iron Golem. They didn't get a single vote today.
Next safe are Pillager and Vindicator at one vote each.
Now, two of you got two votes each, and those two are Piglin and Enderman.

Perhaps the two laziest members of your team, but regardless, you two are safe.
That Piglin is so damn bossy
Enderman, cuz HE HURT THE SMOL CHILD!!! >:(
Also, why didn I imagine in the last chapter Allay and Shadow Allay playing just the piano part of final duet from Omori???

Now we are down to our final two - Bee and Wolf! I'd show more comments, but what I got was a debate about the correct way to craft an axe and the return of the 'No more.' thing from last time.
Also, I'm a bit tight on time, so I want to get on with stuff quickly.
At a total of eight votes, Bee manages to survive another day, so that means at a grand total of eleven votes, Wolf leaves BENT!
The dog barks like crazy as the guards try to move him, but much like with Cat, Wolf follows when he is given food.

Thanks to the voters!

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Now onto the rejoin auditions!

Listen up eliminated contestants - today is your day! For all these days, the people still in the game had their time to shine, but today is YOUR turn! Today, you will have your chance to tell the voters and contestants why you think that you should rejoin the game! Your auditions will be live-streamed to them, so they can hear you live.

Hey, is the stream all set up? Good. All settings seem optimal, and the link has been sent to the other workers at the hospital and the auditorium. Now, time to make sure all the eliminated contestants know that it's time to do rejoin auditions.

Alright guys. Today is a special day because you get a chance to tell everybody why you should rejoin the game. I'll be calling you guys up one at a time to tell the voters why YOU should rejoin BENT. Make it quick and keep it clean, and the time starts now!
Hmmmm.... Looks like Vex is the first one on the rejoin lineup.
He quickly flies up to the recording cubicle.
"Ok, ok. Hear me out!" Vex exclaims, putting his sword away. "I wasn't trying to cheat in that cooking contest, I just wanted to mess with my little cousin a tiny bit. I only flew into her, and she TOTALLY overreacted to spilling her tea,"
Illusioner calls out from his seat. "TELL THE TRUTH! YOU JUST WANT TO BE WITH EVOKER~ SHE'S LIKE YOUR MOM!!"
Vex flies out of the cubicle at Illusioner. "NO SHE'S NOT!"
After irritating Illusionser a bit, Vex flies back into the cubicle to continue recording.
"Sorry about that... If Allay were to come here to help pick up the trash, I don't think she'd be able to finish the job. Illusioner is too heavy for her to lift on her own! What I've been trying to say this whole time is just vote for me. You won't regret it at all," he says, flying away.

Alright. You can leave now. Onto the next potential rejoiner. Piglin Brute, you are up next.
Piglin Brute walks into the cubicle and sits down in the plastic chair that was seemingly bought from a school surplus auction.
"Ugh. Golden is rich. Can't she afford better stuff for us? Nah... I need to get out of here and YOU can get me out!" he exclaims.
"Look," he starts. "Ever since I was eliminated, my sister dumped all the blame for my elimination on poor Allay. When I got out, Piglin befriended Illusioner, who when I look at him now, is still a bit annoying, but he's not the horrible person everyone made him out to be. Perhaps that's because I've been forced to be around him for like a month.
Look, I'm sick of eating burnt ham sandwiches on among us crewmate shaped bread. It's not even the fact that the bread looks like AMOGUS, but the fact that it's burnt. My sister's mental health has really gone back down to the depths of the Nether since I left and I really feel that by rejoining, I'd help her a lot. When I left the game, she became a karen, and I don't want my sister to be like that. Don't get me wrong- I want her to be who she wants to be. I was completely fine about her coming out. I can have a LGBTQ sibling, but not a karen sibling. Also, if you vote for me, then you are cool."

Nice job. Illusioner is the next one up. You be sure to... ugh. Just... well, good luck.
Illuisoner quickly runs and stands on the plastic chair before being scolded by a guard.
"Look here. How many times has Everyone Else lost since I was eliminated? Exactly. A lot! This team is doomed without me! Ignore everything I did to those nerds Allay and Evoker. Hey, I know both of you are listening to this right now, and I'm just gonna put this out there, but Evoker, you're GAY!"

Evoker, who is watching from the autotourium is not pleased.
"Get with the system! First of all, I'm bi, and second of all, you have a problem with that?!" she yells angrily.
'Hey, chill. You do realize that he can't hear you, right?" Vindicator explains.
"Yes, but... Gah! I hate him so much!"

Back in the elimination dorm, Illusioner continues his audition.
"Honestly, there would have to be something wrong with you if you DON'T vote for me to rejoin. In fact, just to prove a point here, I'll give everybody who votes for me $100 that I definitely didn't steal from Golden. Where would anybody even get that idea from anyways? Why would I of all people steal money to buy votes with? Whatever! If you vote for me, not only are you a person of culture, but you also get $100, and who doesn't like free money? Also, you are a slacker Allay! Why did you tell us you were bringing food and you never did it?!"

That's enough. Onto the next person. Wandering Trader is next.
The trader walks up and starts to speak. "You guys are just like teachers who say they want students to be successful and then when a student starts to sell stuff and makes money, they shut the business down!" he shouts.
"If you vote for me, I'll give you a serious discount on any purchases you may want to make!"

Villager, you're up now.
"I'm not trying to be a scammer. You just need to understand how business works! Supply and demand is all it is!" Villager exclaims upon entering the cubicle.
"Like what he said before me, we are NOT scammers! Just go ahead and vote for me, because I've got mending books that I'm selling for an all time low price, but only if you vote for me!"

Ok Iceologer. You are up next
"It's getting hot outside, and I am so totally cool!" Iceologer says when he gets into the cubicle. "Look, I was the coolest person on my team, and BOOM! Just like that - I get kicked out of the game. If you vote for me, then you are cool, but if you don't you'll be hot forever!"
He proceeds to throw an ice block at the wall and then turns back to the camera.
"I was the coolest person on my team - and perhaps in the entire game, so you should vote for me to rejoin the game, or don't vote for me and be hot forever!"

Phantom, it's your turn now.
Phantom does a backflip, flying into the cubicle. "I've been waiting for this moment for like - forever! Let's go!"
"So, you guys voted me out for some reason, but I need to get back in now! Sure, I do torment people at night, but I just think that everybody should sleep. I like the night, but you've gotta understand that sleep deprivation is bad for your health. I mean, by all means - pull an all-nighter. It's your life and I'll only bother you about it if you are outside. If you must do it, do it inside," they explain, flying around the room once again.
"Also, if you vote for me, I promise that I'll leave you alone if I see you outside at night,"

Moobloom? Oh right. She's outside. Can someone go bring Moobloom in, because it's her turn now.
A guard walks outside into the field and calls in Moobloom, who is grazing. She suddenly looks up.
The guard directs her inside and explains what is going on to her.
"Oh! Right! I really should rejoin the game... Uh.... vote for me to rejoin I guess?" she says.

Cat is up now.
Cat slowly walks into the cubicle and jumps up onto the student desk pushed against the wall. She meows and jumps down from the table.
Piglin Brute sighs, wondering why the animal was even given the chance to rejoin in the first place.

Now, last but not least, time for Wolf to go!
Wolf runs into the cubicle, chasing Cat out, and runs around in a circle and barks a bit. Other than that, he doesn't to much else.
"BOOO!!! Lame!" Phantom shouts.
"Yeah! You don't stand a chance!" Iceologer adds
Illusioner joins in, shouting insults at the dog as well.

Ok guys. That's enough. You may all go back to your daily life and I'll get back to mine. Goodbye for now. I'll be back soon to tell you who rejoins BENT, and with that, I must hurry and attend a very important meeting.

In the conference room of the main building, the researchers are already waiting.
"She's here. It's time to begin our meeting. Shall we broadcast this to the voters who have Hollows on Zoom?" the researcher asks.
I nod and take my seat on the far end of the table. It is about time that I address the sculk situation to you guys. I am ready to explain this now, and now that I think about it in depth, I have several regrets regarding the Hollows and this whole sculk dilemma. If only we did something to rescue the voters earlier.... I regret this very deeply. I knew about the Hollows... I knew that Hollows could be naturally created through DNA mutations, and that the Deepslate Primary School and the Deep Dark subsections of it were the only locations on this campus that have a suitable environment for hollows to be born naturally. My Hollow was not an undead construct being made in a lab like I said before. She was born in the same way that Sus and Greief's Hollows were. When I bought this property, I went down there to investigate it, and during this research session, I cut my hand on something. I treated my wound and didn't think anything of it until a few days later when I heard footsteps. When I turned around, I saw a corrupted figure that looked just like me standing in the darkness... of the very same place where I hurt my hand. She wore the same outfit that I was wearing, and suddenly, I started to feel strange. It was almost as if this shadow was using me as her puppet. I felt a sudden urge to run from what would soon be the campus and seek and eliminate a very specific person. Luckily, this connection felt very weak and I was able to alert the other researchers. We were able to capture the phantom and put her in my underground lab. When we contained her, I was able to put her in a dormant state, and I ceased to feel controlled by her. I did more research into this, and found out that certain locations with the right conditions were able to create these sculk creatures called Hollows. They can only be born when the sculk mutates someone's DNA in the right location...
I researched this 'hollow' and found out that there's a way to create one in a controlled environment, and I was determined to do it. Doctor Agnes agreed to let me use her blood sample to create a Hollow, and much to my surprise, it worked. The Hollow was a perfect carbon copy of her. I had done it, but I didn't want this creature to cause harm, so I contained her in a tube as well. The Hollow still remains in the lab untouched.
When I started BENT, well, let's just say that that particular person my Hollow wanted to turn me into a hitman for contacted me. I was enraged and I used the DNA that I took from the contestants when they were picked to participate in the game, and built Hollows of them. I don't know what compelled me to do it, but it might've been my Hollow. I feel strange and a bit spiteful when I even hear that boy's name. I built the other Hollows not to be a part of this contest, but to act as defenders of the Deepslate Primary School. Since they can be programed, I put one task in all the Hollows - including the newly-captured and contained voter Hollows, and that was that if they ever saw the boy who compelled me to create them.... they shall attack...
I am very sorry for not saying this earlier. While the Hollows on their own are not my creation, this whole situation is my fault. I created the contestant Hollows and I regret it. I should've sent help earlier. What compelled me to wait that long to send help? Might it have been my Hollow? I am looking into a way of putting them into an even deeper state of dormancy than they are in right now. This sculk thing and the trapped voters might be my fault and I am sorry. While I can't turn back time and do things differently, I can do something about the future. From here onwards, accessing the Deepslate Primary School and its sub-areas will be forbidden to all but workers. We have built an underground subspace dome around the area. It is made of the same anti no-clip technology as the Elimination Dorm is...

Once again, I'm sorry. Please stay away from the area. To enforce that people don't willingly go near the area, there will be a fine for those who go near it. Whatever caused this incident in the first place has been situated and I promise nothing like this will ever happen again...

Vote on an eliminated contestant to rejoin the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. Whoever gets the most votes will rejoin the game. Part 18 will be released a bit after voting ends.

Poll ended 05/30/2022 9:31 am.

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