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the stronger the icon of chaos lives the stronger he will be come
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    Welcome to my Closet.


    I make weird stuff. Scroll for more info

    Skindex: Greief's Minecraft Skins
    Scratch: Greief on Scratch

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Wild Card

    Roblox username: greenthief700
    Minecraft: Greief

    Semi-game dev who never releases games

    work in progresses:
    Maledictus (Scratch "FAITH: The Unholy Trinity" fan game.
    Shattered Memories (A Scratch lore project that wont get released any time soon)
    Bandee's Return to Dreamland (Scratch Kirby platformer)


    Kirby, Minecraft), Roblox (My username originated from my roblox username), Portal/Portal 2, and TF2, Sprite and Coke, Typical Colors 2, Engineers, uhhhh what else do i put here....

    Leader of the Waddle Dee Gang. #waddledeegang

    Unfortunately, It's mostly Inactive, It's mostly peaceful for Waddle Dees now.
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