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    Quiz about meh: (will be updated eventually :P)

    (Profile design by Ambs)

    Mikayla || female
    || 16

    “Nobody wants to be normal, to be honest, being normal would be boring, because everyone would be exactly the same. It's good to be different!"-a quote by me
    Cool Peeps (a.k.a. friends :3) (w.i.p. list) (will organize this list eventually lol)
    RareArtistWatermelon *the weird FoxCat* (she does not have a PMC, but she is mah BFF [Best Friend Forever] so OOF), Ambs, Katkit, TsukiaKari, Shtella, Beverly, PusheenFluffyPuff/PusheenSpoopyPuff, SmolMai/Box Post, Jordanw5432, TotoTurtle/Totocchio, Hunni-Bee, Peridot XJ9, Sans_AU_, Terminant, KittyRose, GoldenGlider, mitties, Spooky Internet/Wi-Fi, Fang ABXY, Prince Oceanus/Prince Snoceanus, Oka Cola, Cib Plays, x e m i, PixelStars 10, ronanne, IndyJacksonTT, AnimeFanFTW, laurEEn, Moon L/Lost Xavier, DiamondTheDialga, Allergy_Man, intertwined, saddi_e, rockruff3000, Sunstroke, cloverpatchh, aghostess, Vincent_1987, the sun is a planet/comet vomit, Circus Monster/Slotho, Cogney, YourLobsterCrabSalad, MuggleWorthy, Wouter, Sensuki/Rhines, wowyoustink/friesarefrench, Skinner Man, Luvvly, Spectral, HelloWorld 2018, Telise, Suiweet/ICY, Goldisreadyforxmas/aeryl, getheringblue/Paelen, StLee, RaiguTheFox, Nicole76, Nichole76, -NutellaCookies-, RileyPlaysGames, SkyeChild, Shotgunrider, Amber_Demon5, Neptoons, KittyTheDerp/YoInternet_Explorer, Aspirin 60, AwesomeAlexRod, TheGoggledGamer1, _Olive_/Fawne, The Host (and The Host’s traits too :3), Hay-Howdy-Hay, ChocolateGhast,

    The Important Stuff Bro

    Skin Requests ;

    Interviews ;

    Art Requests ;

    Interests (w.i.p. list) (as with Cool Peeps list, will organize eventually lol)
    Eddsworld, Minecraft, Roblox, Skylanders, Inside Out, FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s), TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Spongebob, Star Wars, Star Trek, Animorphs, Transformers, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Steven Universe, O.K. KO, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World, Sparklecare, Mlp(My Little Pony) (my niece Eva got me interested in it), Zootopia, Lilo and Stitch, Animal Jam, Webkinz, Unikitty!, Marapets,
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