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Journeyman Cowboy
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    About This Account-

    -To be completely honest, I don't make skins a lot.. so don't expect daily posts from me!

    -I'll be posting a lot of JJBA skins because.. god we need it- I might be new to making skins but I try my best.

    -I’m posting more underrated characters, or characters I don’t see many skins of..

    -(Skins I’m working on, planning, or MIGHT do.)-

    Foo Fighters (Part 6)
    Jesus (Part 7)/maybe. Lol

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    About me-
    - I'm a 'Steel Ball Run' obsessed freak who plays minecraft sometimes. There isn't much to it.
    - 16 years old.
    - I'm American/Italian.
    - I don't work now.
    - I eat mozzarella balls at 3:00 am.
    - I love 80's rock music.
    - I dream of being a Marine Biologist but I failed freshman year miserably.

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    I am nearly ALWAYS on hypixel playing Murder Mystery because of my 69 kids who drag me on there, so come find me!
    My username- Abbacchios

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