• Randomness updated

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    (My image is downloading)

    ~A little about me

    I am apart of a group called the trio of idiotic Foxezs, or T.T.I.F for short, another member is @Soral, who is my closest freind, great shout out to them, The other hasn't join PMC, they are known as Taco-Fox cause she loves tacos, and a fox =>

    I also love anime, even though not being able to understand Korean, Japanese and the what not, I still love seeing these animations. And even though I can't speak, understand, or even read Korean, I still take pride in my Korean ancestry. Im only half Korean though. =>

    ~other stuff
    My lil sis is OBSESSED with gacha, she even made our characters in it, as you see in our profile. I myself, even though she calls me her brother, I am actually gender apathetic, which means I use and and all pronouns, he she, and they. I do make dacha animations with my friends, but they are often because they drag me into it

    ~New game that may come out in 10000 years~
    Royal courts, a game in development. Shout out to triumphant_creatorX in roblox for helping in the mini project we are doing in it. Goo check him and his company out on roblox. Royal courts is slightly dark, and its a character mystery game. I don't want to spoil too much, but I am actually in it UwU. (Person with Idea soral_exists)

    ~My actual name
    I perfer to call myself haku, after my childhood anime character I drew years ago. My irl name or true identity won't be revealed until I hit 600 subs. The reason for the number, my favorite number is 6, even though I'm Hakumoon7. Yep, and I've already got plans for the future! Have an amazing day
  • Randomness by haru

    Hello, a think about me(us) is that there are 2 people, The one who treats the skins are the younger sibling, Haru, while the older sibling, Haku, does both.

    My name Is Haru, uwu, I am the leader of a group called the galaxy6's, you won't hear much about them since most of them are not intrested in Minecraft. But I hope everyone is having a great time!

    ---I Haru am just typing what he is saying---
    Haku - "what are you doing"
    Haru - typing what your saying into our page"
    Haku - Uh, why?
    Haru - just say what you want to say thats going to be on our page
    Haku - I am Haku, thats it...
    Haru - Uh, is there anymore
    Haku - no?
    Haku *leaves room*
    ---He actually did---
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