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    • Hawkins_
      November 15, 2018, 4:11 pm to Public
      Turns out it will be a Merkava Mk. IV.
      Wrong predictions last post, oops?
    • Hawkins_
      November 14, 2018, 5:23 pm to Public
      Since my angles and scales are completely screwed on my Panther, there will not be any jagdpanther sadly. Expect realistic building from me soon and maybe a GAZ-2330 sometime soon.
    • Hawkins_
      October 21, 2018, 8:20 pm to Public
      Things change, but you have to move on.
      I have left Blueprint. You might wonder why, well it's simple, it simply didn't feel like home. I never felt like I belonged to it, always building on my side, most of the time doing military style stuff. I realized I was basically doing singleplayer mode in a server. I tried to get more involved at times, but I barely got any feedback/attention to my suggestions. I guess I will take a break until I find another realistic server in which I will hopefully be able to get more involved into the main projects without having to do things that I don't really like doing. Don't expect anything being posted in the mean time. Maybe a skyscraper if I feel like finishing it.
      Good night.
    • Hawkins_
      October 17, 2018, 8:22 am to Public
      Hey there!
      You might be wondering why it's taking that long to make the jagdpanther. I've got a little more busy lately and I may have installed some new games and reinstalled old ones so I haven't been putting a lot of time on minecraft lately. As I am also working on other projects in Blueprint, it's hard to only focus on those tanks. Expect a few months delay before next tank post, but there might be realistic building related ones in the meantime.
      Good night!
    • Hawkins_
      October 8, 2018, 2:28 pm to Public
      Let's keep that going.
      Next up, the german Jagdpanther. Another tank with interior (yus!). Since I already have a Panther model, I will simply reuse the hull. I might give it a custom camouflage. I still need to completely modify the fighting compartment. At least, I get to keep the HL230 engine, that's one thing I don't have to worry about.
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  • Information you probably don't want to know about :)

    About me
    Hi there!
    The name's Hawk, I'm from Canada, more precisely from the province of Quebec. I enjoy armament from World War Two to today, which is why I make 10:1 scale tanks. You might also see some realistic builds then and there, that's another thing I quite enjoy doing in minecraft. I don't really have much to say about myself so that's mainly it.

    My journey through minecraft
    We all start somewhere in minecraft, and we always end up places we never thought of. I can't remember exactly which year I started actually playing minecraft. I used to play Minecraft Classic ages ago (You know the creative one in browser we had on Yes this). It changed quickly when one of my friends was getting tired of the game. For a year or two, we used the same account, but we went on different servers. After a few months of making random stuff then and there, I started getting tired too. That's where I discovered realistic building. I started off in a Quebecker server, I think it was called Liberty Minecraft Quebec. This server is no more since probably 2014 or 2015. I was there for about two years, then it started slowly dying. During the time I was there, I sent an application to the Esterlon Community Server, they automatically denied my application, which is logical since my builds were still extremely horrible back in those days. After that, I took a little break for a few months.

    After my break, I joined Amberstone, a realistic building french server. I was there a few months, about a year if I remember right. I really liked the team until the owner started taking credit from things that were made in his server, both builds and plugins (that weren't made by him, obviously). We had a really talented developer, he was the first to try to make people understand the owner was using them. He got banned for exposing the truth, but nobody really cared. I was one of the most active builders, and in charge of the main realistic world. I threatened to leave if the owner didn't stop taking credit from things he shouldn't have the credits from. He didn't care much, so that's where I left. Honestly, the community was starting to get really bad too.

    That's when I made my second application for the Esterlon Community Server. My builds were of a much higher quality this time, which got me accepted. That's at the same time Operation Realism was getting more popular. I tried getting some help as I was quite new, I didn't know what to build and where to build. Unfortunately, I barely got any replies every time I asked. So I switched to Operation Realism.

    I did much more in OR than I did in ECS. Wasn't too hard since I literally built nothing in ECS. I made a few houses in Santa Clara, but my main work was on the logyard (I made the main buildings and a few vehicles). Shortly after, I found out about Infinite Architects Society. I don't remember making any official application. I think I simply put an Imgur link and mentioned I was builder in both servers mentioned earlier. I talked about being good at roads and turns out that's what they needed. I made an ugly interchange, yet they liked it. Soon after, my truck stop and rest area came to life, as well as the memorial bridge. I thought that was the place for me, until they did the update, "IAS 2.0". A lot of people left since the server was down for a long while, and IP was changed. Soon after, it was disbanded.

    - changed to Inspire Building Community - was IAS's revival. The staff was the same, but with another founder. It wasn't that different, but it felt like there were more players. People were mainly there at the beginning, but then it started getting emptier and emptier, until it was also disbanded. That's where I found out about Blueprint. It's quite an enjoyable server. It's mainly a realistic server, but they let people build literally whatever they want (as long as it doesn't kill the server). That's where I made my Panther and my T-55A (many more will come :P ). It was really nice to simply switch from military building to making skyscrapers to building roads, all under the same server and same resourcepack. The community was great, but I must admit the staff lacked quick response at times. After a few months of being there, I set off to new adventures. I guess I finally realized it wasn't the place meant for me.


    About my work
    My work is protected under a creative commons 4.0 license. You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license and indicate if changes were made if you decide to use my work. You may not use my work for commercial purposes. If you modify my work, make a derivative or build upon it, you may not distribute the modified material.
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