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    I started playing Minecraft in 2014. Got hooked and never really stopped playing it ever since. I've always been a huge fan of watching youtubers and one of them being (BdoubleO100) was doing lots of videos on the minecrack server. And his building was incredible. Ever since then I kept trying my hand at building but never seemed to be very good at it. I never really knew about world edit so my builds were small, boring and mainly just a tiny bit of terrain and a house. I didn't start becoming better till Mr_Mister introduced me to world edit. It was very simple but I started learning more and more with youtube videos but mainly just testing out and using the /help command far to much. I became good enough to the point where I was able to start and finish a small project on a creative server called Minecraft Central. I applied to there build team and got the chance to build a few things for them but ended up leaving them as I felt I was just not a good fit. I never went back instead did small commission builds here and there for up to 45-75$ once a month or so. I started my PMC account in 2017 and started to post some of my builds. I caught the eye of the owner of Shaliquinn Schematics a Official Minecraft Partner that does work on the Minecraft Marketplace. She sent me a message and I looked into her and she seemed legit and I trialed. Doing fairly horrible but she saw that I could get better and so she help with Minecraft Marketplace projects and I was very happy. It was long hours lots of learning but due to medical issues I wasn't able to work at a normal job. It's been a year and a half since I started working for Shaliquinn Schematics and I am currently a Senior Builder on the team.

    I love Minecraft in all the things that it can bring to mine and others lifes. Even though it's my full time job I still play it for fun and often play mini-games on Hypixel. But being able to express my artistic values.

    Noah | Horace_Altman

    Shaliquinn Schematics, Senior Builder
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