Level 11
Journeyman Pokemon
  • ~𝔄𝔟𝔬𝔲𝔱~

    нєℓℓσ, нєℓℓσ~
    му ηαмє ιѕ αℓℓєу αη∂ ιт'ѕ α ρℓєαѕυяє тσ мєєт уσυ!


    ѕкιη тяα∂єѕ: ρм мє
    ❤ ℜ𝔢𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔰𝔱 ℑ𝔫𝔣𝔬 ❤
    яєqυєѕтѕ αяє σρєη!
    ι ωση'т мαкє ƒυяяу ѕкιηѕ вυт αηутнιηg єℓѕє ιѕ α-σкαу!

    ιƒ ιт ιѕ α яσвσт вαѕє∂ ѕкιη α мαу ℓσσк α ℓιттℓє 域 вυт ι'ℓℓ тяу му вєѕт

    тнє σηℓу тнιηgѕ ι'ℓℓ яєѕнα∂є αяє ѕкιηѕ ƒσя яєѕнα∂ιηg ¢σηтєѕтѕ, ѕσяяу ѕωєєтιєѕ!

    ❤ ιƒ уσυ нανє αηу σтнєя qυєѕтισηѕ ρℓєαѕє ƒєєℓ ƒяєє тσ ρм мє ❤


    ¢нєєѕє ¢αкє




    ℓσѕιηg тнιηgѕ



    ναηιℓℓα-ѕ¢єηтє∂ αηутнιηg

    𝔊𝔬𝔞𝔩 ℑ𝔰𝔥
    ѕυвѕ¢яιвєя gσαℓѕ:

    10 ѕυвѕ¢яιвѕ
    20 ѕυвѕ¢яιвѕ
    40 ѕυвѕ¢яιвѕ
    50 ѕυвѕ¢яιвѕ
    100 ѕυвѕ¢яιвѕ


    ѕкιη gσαℓѕ:

    10 ∂ιαмση∂ѕ ση 1 ѕкιη
    100 тσтαℓ ∂ιαмση∂ѕ
    10 ∂σωηℓσα∂ѕ ση α ѕкιη
    20 ∂σωηℓσα∂ѕ ση α ѕкιη
    50 ∂σωηℓσα∂ѕ ση α ѕкιη

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    • Hunni-Bee
      December 10, 2017, 8:51 pm to Public
      Story time: Way back when I got my first DS about 4 years ago I got pokemon Pearl. I beat the game within about of month and I wanted to get my favourite pokemon at the time, Vespiquen. After about two months of dealing with the whole honey tree ish I finally got a female combee yadda yadda. My brother named his what I was going to name mine: Honey. So me being super clever I just changed the spelling to Hunni. When I actually bother getting a Cutiefly (I always killed them on accident at the beginning of Moon) I'll name that lil dude Hunni as well. And so yeah. The origin story of my username is that my brother got his Vespiquen first. What a spud.
    • Hunni-Bee
      December 10, 2017, 12:50 pm to Public
      On my old account I used to always be afraid of giving diamonds to skins that were on the pop reel even though I really liked them, now I'm going to diamond all the pretty things and none of you are allowed to stop me.
      cloverpatchh said 2017-12-10 14:04:29
      Yeah, I guess I can kinda understand that
      Hunni-Bee said 2017-12-10 13:31:44
      For some reason I was always thought that people would think it was weird to diamond something that's already been on the pop reel for an hour or more. It's kinda silly now that I think of it, but I've always been super worried about what other people think.
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    • Hunni-Bee
      December 9, 2017, 10:29 pm to Public
      A lot of peeps have subscribed to me recently and that's super cool imo. I hope you all continue to enjoy my work, it makes me super happy. Love you all and sweet dreams <3
    • Hunni-Bee
      December 9, 2017, 4:41 pm to Public
      Pizza Christmas party at my church in 1 hour I'm stoked. Pizza is the best. Specially Hawaiian. What's your guys favourite type of pizza?
      Greystokey said 2017-12-09 17:23:09
      Cheese. 🧀🍕
    • Hunni-Bee
      December 9, 2017, 12:23 pm to Public
      screems when I click skins and see my contest entry like thanky so much this is coolio
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