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Journeyman Skinner
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    youtube : hushlilies
    skindex : hushlilies
    discord : hushlilies#5933
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    she/her | lily

    extra info
    - you can find me on hive (playing block party) or hypixel (i am usually building/afk on one of my housing plots).
    if you ever see me, please say hi! a simple hello can blossom into so much more, you know? i will admit, i'm a bit prickly at first, but, if you give me a minute to warm up to you, you will see that i'm really just a big ol' teddy bear
    - i am a gemini! my birthday is on june 18th.
    - i used to use mcskin3d editor, however, i have switched to pmcskin3d as it is just the most efficient option for me
    [!] DISCLAIMER [!]
    two of the songs on my spotify playlist are EXPLICIT!
    please only select the "click me" link if you are permitted/old enough to hear curse words

    click me
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    commissions : open
    requests : closed
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