I am but a Poet — in Sovereign infinity.
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  • Hey there!

    Hey, how's it going! I'm Indraft :) I'm a freelance artist of Podcrash. I do all sorts of things like terrain, keyarts, and graphic design.

    My pronouns are she/her :) I know it's confusing because my username is atypical, but, surprise!!

    Some fun facts:

    - My favorite color is #FFCC00.

    - I own a Nintendo 64 :)

    - I love both mathematics and art.

    - Chicken is the bane of my existence.

    - I have seven dogs! (yes, genuinely!)

    I do not take commissions or requests. I do not want to be a moderator on your server.

    If you need help with anything, shoot me a PM!

    Want to support me? You can buy me a pretty good cup of coffee here.

    And, remember, all my homies love Inro & dirtbunnii.
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    BassCrafters Contest Judge: 12-20-16
    Theme Parks Contest Manager and Judge: 3-1-17
    Mythological Hybrids Judge: 3-11-17
    Planet Minecraft Forum Moderator: 1-2-18
    Snow Globe Team Contest Judge: 2-7-18
    Lost Island Terraforming Contest Manager and Judge: 4-2-18

    Project 2048 Contest Judge: 8-2-19

    Retired Moderator: 6-26-20

    Nether Build Contest Judge: 7-2-20

    Planet Minecraft Forum Moderator: 9-22-20

    One Chunk Challenge Project Contest Manager and Judge: 10-2-20

    Maze Making Minecraft Contest Judge: 1-12-21

    Planet Minecraft Site Moderator: 7-17-21
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