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    Drawing / Skin Request Template (CLOSED):
    Drawing Template:

    It is important to read all information on this template. At the bare minimum, please read the Important Disclaimers at the bottom of the template page.

    Traditional or Digital:
    Topic (What do you want me to draw?):
    Medium (colored pencils, markers, etc):
    *Color scheme:

    *Not all requests will need this detail filled in
    **More details may be asked depending on request**

    My comfort zone topics and mediums:
    -Hair / eyes
    -Colored pencils

    By no means will I turn down other requests of different things. I would love to step out of my comfort zone and draw different things with different mediums!

    |Some important Disclaimers:|
    -I may decline your request depending on availability of a medium you request or I simply feel like the requests are getting overwhelming.
    -Submission time will be between 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks depending on the number of requests received. Please be patient!

    Skin Template:

    **Disclaimer: I only do human skins**

    Classic or Slim arm: ?

    Gender: ?
    Outfit description: ?
    Eye color: ?
    Hair color: ?
    Hair length: ?
    Hair style (straight, braids, etc): ?
    Skin tone: ?
    Add any extras (glasses, bracelet, etc): ?

    *Picture references are allowed and encouraged*

    To Do List:

    Unofficial Trophies

    MysticMarineon's reshade contest

    Chatie's skin contest

    DinowCookie's Medieval Skin Collection

    DinowCookie’s Greek Gods Skin Collection

    DinowCookie’s Title Theft Skin Collection

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