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    Hello, I am DiamaundioMCMaps.
    Making Maps is a fun part of Minecraft. I do it a lot. But did you know that Map Making is harder than you think? First, you've gotta make the right world with the right seed. Then, you've gotta make a good build based on what people want you to do. THEN, you've gotta have a Media Fire account & a PMC account. Then you've gotta upload it, which takes time because you've gotta think of a name & a Description, add pictures And/Or a video, then add the seed and the Download website.
    I started making Minecraft Maps when my YouTube channel got deleted (I couldn't record any vids, and I lost like 5 subs so I just deleted it.) I watch a lot of YouTube channels like Grian, DanTDM, Captain Sparklez, and PopularMMOS. Grian inspired me to be a Builder. So, I hopped on World Painter (Credit to them for their AWESOME Terrain Building software) and I made a Mountain in an Ocean where you had to survive before the Lava covers the island. A mistake, however, is when there was NO TREES!! So, then I just built maps by hand. And look how much progress! Hundreds of views, at least 50 downloads, and I only have 9 submissions. I mean, for 2 subs I'm doing great! I hope you sub to the Account, I'm not saying you have to. Also, if you play Hypixel, friend request me on it! (My MC username is PlasticSteveMC12)
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