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    05/08/2012 3:50 pm
    Level 62 High Grandmaster Architect
    Ign: jamdelaney1
    Age: 15
    Do you speak fluent English: yes
    Minecraft Experience: played for roughly 2 years
    Building style: Able to build in any style - though particularly good with Italian renaissance architecture and classical architecture (temples and large scale 'epic' builds)
    Amount on average played during the week and weekends - Completely dependent on my time available, whether i'm doing a specific project etc. Usually 1 hour every week day and roughly 8 hours on the weekend in total, though as i said completely subjective to what i've got on
    Are you committed - very
    Do you have any special skills- Not particularly great with redstone or technology in general - though very able with worldedit, voxelsniper and other building tools
    Short bio - I've been interested in art and architecture all my life, originally played minecraft as a game until I realised its full potential as a creative tool. I have a good understanding of architecture in the real world, the principles of which I can apply to my minecraft creations. I am currently hoping to study architecture at Cambridge university, then hopefully following it as a career.
    Previous servers: I mainly play on the voxelbox and the Mithrinita servers though I have played on many smaller servers for short periods of time, I could never find a standard of building that matched that of the voxelbox or Mithrintia.
    Have you ever participated in a timelapse: No - although I have led a city build of over 20 architects on the voxelbox server.
    Screenshots: There seems to be a technical problem directly uploading screenshots : "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached". Here is a link to my build portfolio : http://imageshack.us/g/26/20120415220335.png/

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