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  • JBurd83

    Hello, it's me, JBurd!

    I'm an adventure/mini game map maker who founded my own gaming crew, the Mastermines. I use Minecraft PC edition only and unless other wise noted, all my maps can be use in Vanilla Minecraft. I post a map the first Friday of every month. This is my hobby and I do this in my spare time to relax in.

    In Real Life:
    I have my degrees in drafting and design and well verse in how building and structures come together. On top of this, I am a major history nerd and watch many documentaries on random subjects. This show up in my builds when I build a present day town but mix different types of architecture to give it a past or I may build a period piece and keep everything in one time period. What ever that map would call for. But beyond this, I currently working in customer service full time and I work with youth and children programs at church and with a local volunteer program that goes into middle schools (4Kids program). So far, I had worked with 6 month old babies to 19 year old adults. I seen and heard nearly everything.

    Side Note:
    If you like to work with me during a build for a short term partnership for one project, contact me either over Planet Minecraft or Discord. I'm willing to net work within this community.

    Thank you all so much.
  • Mastermines: The Gaming Crew

    The Mastermines is a small gaming crew that meets on the weekend to play various mini games, build maps, and survival. Our ages range from 10 years old to mid 60s (I'm not going to ask her for sure). We're set up into two groups; the Mini Mastermines and the Mastermines (a.k.a. the older crew). For now, we're both join in one game time but as we grow we will once more split into two different times once more.

    1) Must have Minecraft PC.
    2) Must have Discord to join our group there.
    3) Must have a headset with a microphone.
    4) Have to be okay with being recorded per voice.
    5) If 17 and under, must ask your parents if okay to join our crew.

    For more details or to join, please contact me over discord at JBurd83#8355
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