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    ~About Me~

    First of all, welcome to my Planet Minecraft page.

    My name's Jean (Pronounced „Jan“) and I'm a 17 years old female-to-male transgender.

    I spend my time being a senior.
    In my free time I am referred to as an otaku, artist, author, a community manager, or a gamer.
    I play Trove or mainly Minecraft, having to moderate the HiveMC server there.

    Real life is tough with school and personal suffering, so I will sometimes have to go on hiatus.
    To add to that, I am however also active on several other social media, et cetera, found below.

    Skinseed: JeanKirschstein
    Twitter: HiveMC_Jean
    MyAnimeList: NightcoreJean
    DeviantArt: NightcoreJean
    Wattpad: JeanKirschstein
    Instagram: NightcoreJean

    Minecraft: JeanKirschstein
    Trove: JeanKirschstein
    Discord: JeanKirschstein#3539

    ~About My Uploads~

    I only upload skins and very rarely maybe banners.

    The skins I make are mostly based off of anime characters or real people like celebrities.
    If it gets requested, I will of course also do OCs (Own Characters) and genderbent versions.

    The banners I sometimes make are supposed to be either logos from animes, or some random symbols I came up with and thought that it would look good on a banner.


    First come, first serve applies here.

    Requests are currently closed!

    ~Frequently Asked Questions~

    What kind of requests do you take when they are open?
    > For skins: Real people, anime characters, anime themes in general¹, OCs² (Own Characters) and genderbent versions.
    For banners: Logos and symbols.

    However, do not request anything inappropriate! I will not make that kind of stuff!

    ¹Meaning that I will make a series of characters from that anime.

    ²If you request an OC, make sure to also send me a clear reference of how they look like.

    How can I request something?
    > Either you send me a private message, simply go to a skin I made and write a comment there, or you can also contact me anywhere else such as in-game or Twitter or so.

    I found a pixel error on one of your skins!
    > I don't always check if there is anything wrong with the skins. And when I do, I might also not always find every error.
    So, if you happen to find one, tell me immediately about it by writing a comment on the said skin or send me a private message, so I can fix it.
    Thank you and pardon for that.

    I will edit this from time to time, when new questions appear.

    ~Terms of Use~

    You are allowed to use each and every skin and banner. In animations, videos, movies, anywhere. There's no need to ask me for permission.
    But please, do not claim the skins and banners as if you made them.

    I would very much appreciate it if you could give credits to me, if you use any skin or banner in a video or whatsoever.


    Profile picture made by milkyteru @ DeviantArt.
    Each and every anime I make skins for belong to their respective authors.
    Specific credits apply on each skin, too.

    ~Thank You~

    If you like what I do, feel free to share, comment, subscribe, favourite, download, or give a diamond.
    I really appreciate it!

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day or night!
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